No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0306

“A fight?” The moment they heard that, both Tanya and Yvonne stared at each other before they rushed downstairs.

The moment they just got out of the main entrance, they could see a muscular man glaring at Jack.

“It’s the head commander, Kyle Jones!”

“This man revels in fighting people, and the moment he learns about a slightly more powerful man entering the Drake family, he’d want to spar with him. Otherwise, he’d constantly bug him!”

Tanya felt all too helpless when she noticed the head commander, Kyle.

Jack was a person the Drake family considered and treated special, but they could not be too obvious about it. Would Kyle hurt Jack? If he did, it would be bad.

Of course, the thing about ‘pleasing Jack’ must be kept private at all times, only known among family members.

“Alright, Kyle. I heard he happens to be really powerful. You can go crazy on him!” Yvonne said as her eyes lit up as excitement overwhelmed her. In a sparring match between two powerful people, a tap would signal the end of the match. However, there was a saying about fists being blind and some people would get hurt if both of them fought. It would naturally make Yvonne very happy to watch Jack getting beaten up.

“What on Earth are you talking about, Cousin?” Tanya rolled her eyes at Yvonne. Turning to Kyle, she spoke, “Kyle, he’s already off work, so don’t cause any trouble to him. Just let him get off work. He’s also a bodyguard to the Drake family, so there’s no need to spar as you please!”

“Miss Tanya, you know me. Whenever I meet a powerful person, I’d feel the need to compete. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I heard this guy defeated Harvey, so I want to give it a shot to see who’s stronger between us!”

As Kyle stared at Jack, flames of battle could be seen burning bright in his eyes. He seemed slightly excited.

“So, you’re Kyle.” Jack had a calm look on his face as he continued, “I heard about you two days ago, and you truly are quite the maniac. You’d fight anyone you see. If my guess is right, you might be no match to the Drake family’s Three Major Guardians!”

The moment Kyle heard that, the corners of his mouth twitched. “Yes, I’m no match for them,” he admitted. “I know they’re powerful, but I’ve challenged them before and I’ve lost satisfyingly!”

Pausing for a moment, Kyle continued, “However, I haven’t challenged you yet, so I want to get this over with to see who’s more powerful!”

“I’m already a retired veteran, and I don’t like killing!” Jack stretched and gestured to him with his finger before saying, “However, you’re in my way of me going home. You’re wasting my time, and this annoys me. Moreover, if I don’t fight a person like you, you’d cling to me like brown sugar. Therefore, I can only agree to your challenge!”

“Alright. Since you’ve agreed, don’t mind if I do!” Kyle cackled. With a stomp of his feet, he lunged directly at Jack.

He clenched his sandbag-sized fist and charged straight for Jack. It was releasing a very terrifying shockwave around his fist. The attack was terrifying.

He learned about Jack in the last two days. This guy did not even need to clock in or out from work and could come and go from the Drake family mansion whenever he pleased. This was extremely disrespectful to him as the head commander, thus he needed to teach this guy a lesson. Of course, it did not matter if that was the case or not. He would still seek Jack out to spar in order to compare their power levels. Nonetheless, he was ready to beat Jack to a pulp due to the sheer disrespect.

When Jack noticed his attack was coming straight at him, not only did he not get out of the way or anchor down his feet, but his fist met square with Kyle’s punch, and it caused Kyle to recoil out of the way.

A deafening sound of impact could be heard when both fists clashed. Next thing anyone knew, Kyle was immediately shot back before stumbling seven to eight steps backward. He planted his feet firmly on the ground to keep his balance.

“No way!”

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