No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0307

Yvonne was shocked and disappointed when she realized he was no match for Jack. She thought Kyle could beat some respect into that jerk, but who knew…

“You lost.” Letting out a satisfied chuckle, Jack said, “If you know what’s best for you, get out of my way. I need to hurry home!”

Kyle was beyond surprised; this guy’s strength was inhuman. Not only was he stronger than him, but he was also incredibly fast! He could feel how terrifyingly fast Jack was when he unleashed his attack. Nonetheless, Jack disrespected him by claiming he had lost when he had the lower hand earlier.

“You’re too cocky!” With his roar or dissatisfaction, he then stomped on the ground again before he leaped. He clasped his hands together, forming a tight huge fist before lunging down on Jack.

When Jack looked up, both of Kyle’s fists were balled together like a hammer that was about to smash his head in.

“You look like a leaping toad!” Jack could not hold back his laughter when he noticed what Kyle looked like. Then, with a single stomp of his foot, he jumped up and somehow disappeared in thin air. Swiftly, both of Jack’s feet landed on Kyle’s back as he stepped on him.

Kyle was completely caught off guard from being stepped on by Jack before violently crashing onto the ground. It hurt him so much, he felt like all four limbs were about to be shattered.

“Do you yield?” Jack chuckled calmly before asking, “If I really wanted to fight you, you would’ve been dead a hundred times over! But I got to give it to you: Your combat skills are a tiny bit better than Harvey’s!”

“Yield! I yield!” How could he not yield when someone was on his back? He could not even compete with Jack’s speed, so how could he even fight?

Now, Kyle was not even questioning Jack’s statement. If Jack wanted to hit him, he would not be able to fight back.

Tanya was once again startled by how easily Jack took down Kyle. It seemed not even the Three Major Guardians hidden in their Drake family would be able to pull that off. His combat abilities would absolutely not be a mere soldier on the battlefield. He would at least be a marshal or a King of War! It seemed that her father’s prediction was true.

Jack chuckled and went straight to the main exit without looking back. He then approached his Porsche and after some thought called out to Tanya, “Miss Tanya, if anyone asks about my Porsche, you can tell them it’s a gift from your Drake family, then I’ll say I bought it myself!” After Jack was done speaking, he drove off immediately.

“What…what’s the meaning of this? He wanted you to say that the car he bought for himself was a gift from you guys, then mention about him buying it himself?”

Hearing what Jack had to say nearly made Yvonne pass out in confusion. This man was truly a weirdo. “That brat!”

Miss Tanya let out a bitter chuckle before explaining, “This man didn’t want anyone to know that he’s rich. That’s why he wanted me to say that I gifted it to him.”

“Then why would he still want to claim that he bought it himself?” Yvonne was still confused.

“His mother-in-law is quite prideful in nature. I’m guessing it was his mother-in-law who wanted him to tell everyone that!” Tanya merely scoffed and added, “If you spend more time with him, you’d find him quite interesting!”

“I don’t want to spend more time with him!” Yvonne was bashful as she had been utterly embarrassed in their first meeting. If they had met a few more times, it was unsure just what kind of scary things would have happened.

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