No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0308

Jack had long since arrived home. After parking his car at a nearby empty spot, he walked in. What he never expected was hearing the voices of both Ken and Neil coming from the inside as he approached the door.

“Auntie,” Ken started, a smile on his face as he spoke, “you know that my relationship with Selena had always been good, so everything I do is for Selena’s sake!”

As he spoke, he immediately said, “Look, these pictures can’t be a mistake. This woman has to be wealthy and is insanely rich. That luminous pearl, well, she won the auction with 500 million dollars! Jack has to be a sugarbaby for being with this wealthy woman!”

The corners of Jack’s mouth twitched as he listened by the door. This was something Micheal told Fiona back then, and both Fiona and Selena were enraged with this. He faithfully explained to them that the person was actually the Goddess of War and was his friend. To his dismay, Fiona and Selena did not believe him. Even after he told Selena that the God of War was his disciple, she was still unconvinced.

Fortunately on that night, although he had crossed Neil, the master of the Hugo family brought Neil over to apologize. The incident went by just like that. Selena even agreed to give him one last chance; he had to fulfill everything he had promised on her grandfather’s 70th birthday. Otherwise, she would not believe his nonsense and would also divorce him. That storm seemed to have already passed.

He never expected that both b*stards, Ken and Neil would actually show up and bring that matter up to Fiona while he was at work. Fortunately, he got off work early and was not restricted by normal work hours. He was able to eavesdrop in their conversation.

At this moment, Fiona spoke, “The truth is, Young Master Michael had also come over to inform me about it back then and had also shown me the pictures, but Jack just wouldn’t admit. What choice do I have? Besides, this picture can’t prove much. Unless… You guys can show me an even more intimate picture.”

“This picture doesn’t prove much?” Neil’s expressions dimmed as he asserted, “Auntie, just look at this lady. Look at how sultry this lady looks, and although her face isn’t exposed, she’s no doubt a beauty. She is rich and beautiful, and this happened during work hours. Do you think it’s normal for Jack to be with her?”

Fiona let out a helpless laugh and said, “It’s not normal, but what choice do we have when Jack just wouldn’t admit that he’s a sugarbaby. Besides, he said that this person is the Goddess of War and that they’re friends. We don’t believe him, but he was so adamant about it!”

“Goddess of War!” Both Ken and Hugo stared at each other, wondering if they had misheard that. When they looked up pictures related to the Goddess of War online, she was quite manly and intimidating to people.

That woman during that day was dressed in a sexy skirt while exposing her thighs. Those were two very different styles. That Goddess of War actually had a feminine side? When they thought about the Goddess of War’s body, they gulped. If that was actually the Goddess of War, she would be quite alluring with the way she dressed.

“He’s only been a soldier for five years. How could he possibly know a person like the God of War? He’s blatantly boasting!”

“Selena actually believed a lie like this?” Ken immediately asked.

“Of course my daughter wouldn’t. She even wanted to kick Jack out that night!”

“Nonetheless, didn’t your father bring you here to apologize, Young Master Neil? He even gave us 300 thousand dollars. I took the money while Jack was allowed to stay that night.”

“Perhaps it was for the child and due to the picture being insufficient to prove much, so Selena gave him one final chance! If Jack can’t fulfill his promises, Selena will kick him out!” Fiona explained the situation.

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