No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0309

Both Ken and Neil looked as though a lightbulb lit up in their eyes.

“What chance?” they asked simultaneously.

“Jack had promised me to give me 20 million dollars during the old master’s birthday. Also, since he had beaten Ivan up, he needs to pay him 10 million dollars in addition to giving our old master a gift worth more than 10 million!” Fiona tittered. “So, that’s the whole situation.”

“Really? Splendid. He will no doubt fail to pull that off. Then, Selena will kick him out. That’s truly amazing!”

“Yeah. There are about 20 days left until the old master’s birthday, and our Hugo family will be present. I’m interested to see how Jack is going to embarrass himself!”

Both young masters looked very delighted. They finally caught a glimpse of hope.

Jack was lucky back then. He was not beaten to death by O’Neal and instead, luck was on his side! They did not expect to find a silver lining in their cloud.

“I genuinely think Jack might actually pull this off, though.” Fiona said with a bitter laugh while she looked at them both. “Isn’t he making 20 million dollars a month now? He said that he’s close with Miss Tanya, and he’ll request for an advance payment of two months. That would be enough! Judging from his looks, he didn’t seem to be lying!”

Upon hearing that, both young masters were infuriated. They had gotten a taste of what it felt like as one fell into hell from heaven in an instant.

“A gift that is worth over ten million is quite rare. Is he ready with that gift?” Neil said after some thought.

“Him? How does he have any money now, anyway? Hmm, we’ll see then!” Fiona spoke with a laugh.

At this moment, Ken gritted his teeth and took out a packet with an unfamiliar substance. Handing it over to Fiona, he said, “Auntie, you’re also hoping for your daughter to marry someone capable, right? You don’t wish to suffer like this for the rest of your life, yes? Dissolve this in water or any drink and have Jack drink it. Everything will be better when he’s dead.”

“Poison?” Fiona gasped when she heard that, and even her expression changed. “No way, no,” she rejected it vehemently. “Although I don’t like Jack and he caused us so much suffering, I can’t do anything like this. This is way too sinful.”

It seemed both Ken and Neil came prepared. They stared at each other before taking out a card and placed it in front of Fiona.

“Money?” Fiona frowned when she saw the card.

Ken chuckled triumphantly. “There’s 100 million in it. A whole 100 million in it! If you’d help us out, you’ll guarantee Selena’s happiness and secure a happy life with all this money! Isn’t that a good thing?”

“100 million!” Fiona gasped, an audible gulp followed suit.

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