No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0311

Jack, who was by the door, felt slightly comfortable. One hundred million was a really huge amount and he thought Fiona would accept it as she loved money. He had no idea Fiona would resist the temptation and rejected them. Jack thought about it and knocked on the door acting as if he knew nothing.

“Who is it?” The trio in the room was startled. Neil and Ken quickly hid the packet of drugs and bank card away.

“Mother-in-law, I’m back. Is Selena back from work?” Jack yelled at the room in a pretentious way.

“Oh, no! She should get off work soon, why don’t you pick her up?” Fiona felt guilty and wanted Jack to leave.

“Alright, I’ll fetch her.” Jack soon left in his car.

Fiona finally relaxed after Jack left. She patted her chest and said gratefully, “Oh my god, I was so afraid. If he saw the both of you, he might beat you up. Listen to me, this guy has a bad temper and sometimes he’s hard-headed who doesn’t listen to advice!”

“Auntie, you should give this a second thought. It’s one hundred million!” Ken did not reconcile to Fiona’s decision. “We’ll leave first and you can give us a call after you have made your decision. It’s just a simple task. This drug is hard to detect because it’s colorless and tasteless. Apart from that, it takes time to take effect. He’s symptoms would only be flu, fever, and fatigue. It’ll take one whole month before he dies.”

“Leave, we’ll speak some other day!” Fiona was so startled by Jack’s sudden return and she felt relief after sending them away.

“The both of them are too much! They want to use such a despicable way to get Selena. I dare not provoke people like them,” Fiona spoke in fright after she sent them away. “People like them are so despicable. Will they drug Selena if they have any conflict in their marriage? Or will they feed the drugs to me? Poor people like Jack are much more reliable.”

It was obvious that Fiona’s impression of Jack had changed after Jack gave her money twice and helped her get the 3.8 million back. The most important point was Jack’s salary. He had a yearly income of more than 200 million. Hence, why did she need to kill someone for a mere hundred million? Although she disliked Jack and wanted to chase him away, she dared not think about killing him. If Selena and Kylie find out in the future, they would despise her. Hence, Fiona refused the temptation in this crucial moment.

“Sigh. Jack, you bastard, do you have any idea what I have given up for you?” Fiona sighed and was sad. How could she be happy for giving up one hundred million?

“Xena, what happened to you? Why didn’t you answer my calls?!” Ben finally found Xena in an internet cafe. He pulled her to the roadside and asked.

“Stop looking for me. It’s best if we break up!” Xena looked at Ben and said.

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