No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0312

”Break up? Why do you want to break up? Weren’t we doing fine and you were going to marry me?” Ben couldn’t accept the reality. He backed up for two steps and felt as if he was struck by lightning.

“why? Money. Who knew that you’re so poor!” Xena was so angry when she thought of how Jack almost killed her that afternoon. It seemed that Ben had no idea what happened that morning.

“Money?” Ben was stunned when he heard this. He begged, “Xena, don’t you worry, we’ll get rich. Do you need money? My mother has money. I can get it from my mother if you need it!”

Xena felt her heartbeat skip a beat when she realized that Ben trusted her. His sister had a high salary, and Jack’s salary was even higher. She had no savings and no place to go because she had spent all her money. If she broke up with Ben, it would be difficult to hook up with another rich man. Why don’t think of a way to continue her relationship with Ben and see if there would be other opportunities to find a sugar daddy.

‘That’s right. Jack is Ben’s brother-in-law. It’s impossible for him to kill me in front of Ben, right? Apart from that, Jack works with the Drake family and the people he comes into contact with are also from that family. There’s a chance for me to get closer to Eldest Young Master Drake if I get the opportunity to meet him. If that’s the case, my social status will improve in leaps and bounds!’ Xena changed her idea after giving it a thought.

She bit her sexy red lips and said with an aggrieved expression, “Ben, I don’t want to break up with you… But I have wronged your family. Will you forgive me?”

Ben immediately responded hearing this. “Xena, don’t you worry. I will forgive you no matter what you did as long as you stay with me. I believe there must be a reason behind what you did!”

“Ben, you’re the best!” Xena was touched. She threw herself into Ben’s embrace and felt relieved.

“It’s okay, stop crying and let me bring you out for good food!” Ben said with a smile.

Xena nodded. “Sounds good. However, let’s not go home and spend the night in the internet cafe. I did something wrong and your parents are angry about it. Let’s give them some time to calm down before going back!”

“Sure, let’s go. I’ll carry you in Honor of Kings!” Ben was extremely happy. He was frightened when Xena requested a break up. He suddenly felt as if he had found something he lost, and all he wanted was to cherish this woman in his arms.

Both of them left quickly.

When Jack passed by the kindergarten in his car, he looked over and his face darkened when he saw what he saw. He saw two men surrounding the maid, Jenny, and Kylie in a corner. At the same time, one of the men pushed Jenny with force. Jenny’s electric scooter fell on its side and broke.

”Bad guys!” Kylie looked at both men and yelled out loud.

“Little bastard, what do you know? Why are you poking your head into an adult’s matter?” The man smiled coldly and pushed Kylie.


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