No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0314

The skinny man immediately panicked and spoke to his brother softly, “Brother, what should we do? This person drives a Porsche 911. F*cking hell, it seems that we have caused trouble. That car costs one to two million!”

His brother heard him and smiled coldly. “Big brother, you’re too cowardly. Why should we be afraid? You don’t have much social experience that’s why you’re frightened by him. This person is lying!”

“What’s going on?” The skinny man was doubtful.

“Hey, look at him. He dresses so normally. Does he look like someone that can afford a car?” The man with the tattoos smiled and continued, “I’m confident that he’s just a driver for someone else! This woman doesn’t seem to be a maid. She must be his wife!”

“Oh, I see!” The skinny man suddenly understood everything and spoke, “Young man, how dare you describe me like that. don’t even think about leaving if you don’t have three thousand dollars!” He paused and pointed to the Porsche before continuing, “Don’t think of me as a fool. You’re just a driver! Do you think that I would be afraid of you because you drive a sports car? why should I be afraid of a driver?!”

“How dare you ask me for money when you knocked down my maid and daughter while reversing? I should be the one asking you for money!” Jack walked to the electric scooter after he spoke. He picked up the scooter with one hand and threw it toward the BMW.


The BMW dented. The windscreen of the car shattered and the hood of the bonnet collapsed.

“Young man, how dare you smash my car! Are you trying to get yourself killed?” The person was extremely angry. He walked forward with the intention to hit Jack.

Jack caught his hand and squeezed it lightly. The man immediately knelt on the ground in pain. “I would kill you now if there were no children around!”

“F*ck!” The other man with tattoos rushed forward when he saw his big brother being hit.

Jack kicked and the man flew backward, smashing onto the top of the car. He coughed out blood and his face turned pale.

“Ouch, ouch, I dare not do this again! Please let go of me, brother!” The skinny man knew Jack’s ability and begged for forgiveness.

“Don’t show off in front of me with just a mere BMW! If you want to cause any trouble, you can find me at the Drake family mansion. I’ll be waiting there!” Jack kicked him and he fell flat on his face.

He then turned around and said to Jenny, “Jenny, are you alright? Who knew that there’d be such vile people!”

“I’m fine!” Jenny smiled and said to Jack, “Mister White, I should be the one feeling bad. I failed to protect Kylie and she fell down!”

Jack smiled and felt warm, “You’ve tried your best and this is my fault. I wanted to give this car to you so you can fetch Kylie in it. I’d forgotten about it because I was busy with work these days. I’m so sorry that you have to fetch Kylie with an electric scooter!” Jack continued, “Since your electric scooter is damaged, why don’t you drive my car? I’ll get a taxi to fetch Selena later!”

“No, no! I’m not daring enough to drive such an expensive car! Besides, I can’t afford the petrol for this car, it doesn’t suit me! I’ll be panicky if I drive it!” Jenny quickly waved her hand and said.

Jack looked around and discovered an Audi 4S-Authorized car dealership opposite where they were. “What if I buy you an Audi? It doesn’t have to be too expensive so how about an A6 ? I’ll give it to you as a gift and you can use it to fetch Kylie in the future!”

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