No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0315

Jack spoke after giving it some thought. “By the way, if anyone asks you about it, don’t tell them that I bought it. Just say your boyfriend gave it to you, okay?”

“But… It’s so expensive! Don’t you have to discuss with Miss Selena before you give it to me?” Jenny said in embarrassment. She was extremely surprised because an Audi A6 was not cheap. Jack actually said that he would give it to her and it would be hers in the future.

She was just a maid and had never imagined that she would be able to drive such a car. What made her speechless was when Jack said he wanted to give her the Porsche. She almost passed out from that.

“Why do we need to have a discussion? It’s not very expensive. Just don’t tell her about this, alright?” Jack smiled and reminded her.

“Oh, okay!” Jenny nodded. She felt that her boss was becoming increasingly mysterious. It seemed that he was not a commoner. At least, he brought money back from the army. He seemed to have received millions in rewards when he retired as a veteran.

Jack picked Kylie up, looked at the wound on her leg and asked, “Kylie, does it hurt?”

“No! Kylie is so happy to see daddy fight the bad guys. I want to fight the bad guys too when I grow up!” Kylie had an innocent smile on her face. To her, Jack was like a mountain—tall and powerful. As long as her father appeared, the bad guys could only kneel and beg for forgiveness.

“Eat this candy. The wound on your leg will heal quickly after you eat it!” Jack smiled and fetched a small black pill. “Remember, swallow it in one go!”

“Okay!” Kylie nodded her head seriously and swallowed it in one go.

Kylie frowned after she swallowed it and felt as if she had been tricked. “Daddy, why does it taste bitter?”

“Silly girl, medicine is usually bitter.” Jack petted Kylie’s head and kissed her cheeks. This sense of belonging in a family was really enjoyable!

Jack spoke to Jenny embarrassingly after they walked for some time and discovered something was wrong. “Jenny, you seemed to have lost a button!”

Jenny lowered her head to look and her face blushed into a bright red color. Although Jack reminded her with good intentions, it still caused her to be extremely shy.

“Big brother, it seems that we have misjudged. That woman is really a maid!”

“Look, he’s going to buy an A6 for his maid to fetch his child to school!”

“He intended to give the Porsche to the maid. He would have done that if the maid didn’t reject it. F*ck, we have really met someone that we can’t afford to provoke!” The man with tattoos finally came down from the top of the car and spoke with blood at the corners of his mouth.

The skinny man twitched a few times, looked at his car and said, “It’s all your fault. My loss is bigger now because of your misjudgement. We’ve been hit, the car has been smashed, and we don’t even dare to complain out loud!”

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