No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0320

”Wait!” As Jack was about to reject Sharon, when Fiona suddenly spoke.

Everybody silenced and looked at her.

Fiona looked at Sharon and said, “Miss George, this isn’t a joke. Have you considered it properly? Do you really want Jack to marry into your family?

“I… I’ve thought of it thoroughly!” Sharon replied.

“Give us some time!” Fiona replied she cunningly smiled.

“Sure. After all, this is an important matter in life and I showed up out of the blue, it’s only fair that you have some time to discuss it first! However, I really like Jack a lot and I’m serious about it! I don’t mind being the second wife!” Sharon said.

“Yes, I understand. Let us go in and discuss. We’ll give you an answer in a while!” Fiona nodded as she spoke.

“What’s there to discuss? There’s no need for that!” Jack’s face darkened and said, “Selena is my wife and I love her. On top of that, I have a cute daughter and I’d change nothing about my life. I only want to live a normal life!”

Jack paused and spoke to Sharon, “Miss George, thank you for your good intention, but, I’m really not interested in you. Although my words might be hurtful, they’re the truth.”

Sharon’s facial expression immediately darkened and spoke aggrievedly, “I know you must dislike me for being fat and ugly, right? Will you like me if I lose weight?”

Jack was embarrassed. “This has nothing to do with your figure. I can see that you have very standard features. If you manage to slim down, you’ll definitely be a pretty woman. By that time, you’ll have many pursuers and maybe you’ll know what type of man you like by then!”

“Miss George, don’t listen to him!” Fiona glared at Jack and continued speaking to Sharon, “Wait for us here. We’ll discuss inside!” After she finished speaking, she pulled Jack and walked inside.

Selena frowned, smiled to Sharon, and followed them into the house. “Mother, what do we need to discuss? Jack said that he doesn’t like that woman. Can’t we just ask her to leave? Besides, she’s so fat. Nobody will agree to be with her apart from the men who want her money, let alone Jack!” Selena rebutted peevishly.

“What do you understand!” Fiona replied. “First of all, this woman is ugly and fat, but she has a standard face and is fat in a cute way. We can consider her a chubby beauty! Second of all, all of you have never met her. I met her once when she was young. She was not fat and had a nice figure. Everybody said that she’ll be a beauty when she grows up!”

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