No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0322

Sharon, who was standing outside, was extremely nervous. She could not help but tighten her fists and lowered her head in fright. She knew absolutely well that she was too fat. However, she could not control herself with food—especially sweet stuff. This caused her to gain more and more weight. There was a huge possibility that Jack would reject her due to her body size.

“Sharon, don’t worry about it. We believe in you! A woman with confidence is the prettiest in the world and you’ll surely succeed! Besides, you’ll have to confess to him to know if he feels the same way. How else will he know? You’ll never succeed if you don’t confess, but you stand a chance if you do. It’s good to try no matter the outcome!” A sexy woman with a leather skirt and long legs smiled at Sharon and they seemed to have a good relationship.

“Thank you, Selena!” Sharon smiled slightly and nodded. She remembered how others laughed at her behind her back after she grew fat. There were even people who mocked her.

However, she was not calculative just because she was of higher status than everyone else. After all, she was fat and that was the truth. Her only best friend, Selena Smith, treated her well and constantly encouraged her.

Jack walked outside. Sharon was suddenly excited.

“What’s your decision, young man?” Selena immediately walked forward. She had a pair of big beautiful eyes.

Nobody knew that she was waiting to make fun of Sharon because she believed that Jack would reject Sharon. After all, Jack was a veteran and he had a unyielding temperament. He had already expressed his thoughts and his wife was so much prettier than Sharon. It would not be a surprise if he rejected Sharon.

Sharon would really be humiliated this way. After all, her identity as the George family’s future heir had always attracted the attention of the massed. People would make fun of her if the news of her being rejected after confessing to a married man spread on the papers or by words.

Unexpectedly, Jack looked at Selena deeply before walking to Sharon.

He smiled indifferently and looked sympathetically at Sharon, who was in front of him.

Sharon raised her head, bit her red lip and said, “Don’t tell me the answer. I know that you don’t like me, but I feel that I’m already in my late twenties and this is the first time I met someone that I really like. I wouldn’t give up without confessing my feelings. Instead of keeping it to myself, it’s better for me to speak my mind!”

However, Jack said, “Ask your friends and bodyguards to leave, except for one driver. I want to talk to you in private!”

“Talk in private?” Sharon felt as if she was dreaming when she heard this and she could not believe it. Jack did not reject her or hate her, instead, he wanted to talk to her in private.

However, she quickly understood that Jack probably wanted to reject her and did not want others to witness it. He wanted to save her from an awkward situation and prevent her from being made fun of.

This man was really considerate.

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