No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0323

”Everybody can go back first. Howard, stay back and send me home later. I want to have a chat with Jack!” Sharon turned around and smiled. Although she was fat, her smile was very sweet and mesmerizing.

“We… We’ll leave immediately!” Selena was disappointed that she could not witness Sharon being rejected. She knew this man would not be interested in Sharon. Otherwise, he must have a very weird taste.

When Selena thought about how Jack was interjected by Fiona for a discussion when he intended to reject Sharon, she felt that Jack might be convinced by Fiona. After all, the George family was so rich and he might agree to it because of money. Selena instantly felt cheated as she looked at the house. She would lose the chance to make fun of Sharon if Jack really agreed to the proposal.

“Yes, all of you can go back!” Sharon waved her hand and said, “I thank all my friends that came here for me today. I’ll treat everybody to a meal some other day!”

Selena could only drive away with the others after everybody left.

Fiona looked at the situation outside from inside of the house and said, “This young man is really good. He didn’t need to do anything to make everybody leave!”

However, she soon saw something and said surprisingly, “This is weird. Why did he ask Sharon to stay? There’s even a driver and a car waiting for them. Hey, they’ve gone under the big banyan tree at the entrance!” She paused and continued happily, “Did he make up his mind and wants Sharon to be his second wife? We’ll be rich if he makes the right choice!”

“Mother, what’re you talking about? Jack told us that he doesn’t like Sharon and I’m sure that he wouldn’t agree to her proposal!” Selena rolled her eyes at Fiona and said, “I think he’s trying to save Sharon some trouble by asking the others to leave first. After all, she’s the daughter of the George family. She’ll be ashamed if she was rejected in front of so many people!”

At this moment, under the big banyan tree…

“I can see that you’ve never been in a relationship and crave for love! However, love is not an impulse decision to make and you shouldn’t be blinded by your feelings at first sight!” Jack looked at Sharon and broke the silence.

Sharon lowered her head and did not speak.

Jack fetched a cigarette, lit it, and took a whiff. He continued, “I can see that you’re a very nice and kind person! Otherwise, some of your friends wouldn’t treat you as their true friend!”

“Really? Thank you. I’m satisfied that I got your compliment!” Sharon’s eyes lit up after she heard Jack and continued, “Actually, I know that you’ll reject me, but I can’t reconcile my emotions. It’s better to fail than to hold it back. Holding back is uncomfortable!”

She stretched her body in relief after she spoke and continued, “Fortunately, you didn’t reject me in front of everybody even though you didn’t like me. This shows me that I was right, you’re really a good person. I really envy your wife, Selena, for meeting such a good husband! By the way, will you make fun of me? That I did such a crazy thing after being instigated by others!”

“I can see that some of your friends are genuine to you and wish for you to find true love!” Jack smiled and continued, “However, some of them aren’t your friends but poisonous snakes. They stay by your side waiting to make fun of you!”


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