No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0325

Sharon thought about it for a long time before gasping. “I know. It’s not food, she’d been giving me tea leaves. She told me that it was of good quality and originated from her hometown. I think the tea has a nice aroma so I drink it often!” Sharon paused and took in another breath. “She emphasised that this tea was expensive and exotic so I should only keep it to myself! I didn’t pay much attention to it but she sends it to me every other month and constantly asks if I have finished the tea!”

Sharon gulped and looked at Jack in horror after she figured it out. “You’re saying that there’s something wrong with the tea leaves!”

Jack nodded. “That must be it. She must’ve tampered the tea leaves!”

“How could she do that? I treat Selena so well, why does she do this to me?” Sharon was disappointed. She walked a few steps backward and was unwilling to accept the fact.

However, what Jack said made sense and she knew things were not incidental. Was it possible that Selena wanted to make fun of her for planning a confession that was bound to fail?

“Commoners will only know about medications for losing weight and not so much about drugs for putting on weight! Furthermore, this medication is weird as it will cause people to lose control over their appetite and develop strong craving for food! Consuming this drug for a prolonged period of time will lead to addiction and will cause huge problems for the body. Apart from that, there aren’t any obvious symptoms in the beginning and the symptoms gradually appeared after a month of intake. Your condition is the same as the symptoms. Others wouldn’t have heard of this medication as it’s very rare, it’s known as Tanio,” Jack explained slowly and every sentence terrified Sharon.

She had absolutely no idea that her best friend was the person behind all these. She had no idea why she gained weight and had always blamed it on herself for being gluttonous. She had no idea that it was under the influence of medication.

“What should I do now? Does it mean that I’ll recover once I stop drinking the tea? Will I slim down with consistent exercise?” Sharon looked forward to it. Previously, slimming down was akin to miracle to her. It was an unachievable and extravagant hope. She saw hope. Since Jack could decipher the situation, he might have a way to solve it.

“the tea leaves must have been soaked in Tanio liquid before drying and giving it to you! It’d be easy to get rid of the addiction if you’ve just started using these leaves for one or two months. But you’ve been using them for a long time and you can’t live without them. You’re addicted to it and long for the smell of it!” Jack laughed and continued, “I can help you, but you have to promise me to not ask me to marry you after I’ve helped you. Let me go and you can marry a young man who’s better than me!”

“It’ll be hard to find a better man than you!” Sharon pouted before continuing, “Okay, you have my words. I’ll stop pestering you as long as you treat me and I manage to lose twenty-five kilograms of weight. And I’ll treat you as my best, best, best friend ever!”

“Alright! Sit down and I’ll treat you now! After you return home, don’t drink the tea anymore. You’ll no longer be addicted to the smell and I can even make you disgust it! As for the twenty-five kilograms that you mentioned, it’s too little. It won’t be a problem even if you want to lose fifty kilograms in a few days!” Jack nodded and as he opened her palm, a small box appeared out of thin air. There was a collection of silver needles inside.

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