No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0327

”Treatment?” Selena and the bodyguard were stupefied by the answer. This young man could give treatment?

However, since Sharon warned them not to disturb, they kept quiet and could only wait silently by the side. After some time, there were around a dozen silver needles on Sharon’s head. Jack turned the needles slightly with complete focus and attention. He removed needles one by one after a while. The bodyguard relaxed when he saw that Sharon was fine after the needles were taken down.

Suddenly, Sharon spitted out a mouthful of blood and her face turned pale.

“What’s going on? Young man, what’s wrong with Miss Sharon? You’re dead if something’s wrong!” The bodyguard was frightened when he saw what happened. He tightened his fist as he looked at Jack angrily and was about to hit him.

“This is poisonous blood. I’ve circulated all the toxins out of her body!” Jack smiled indifferently.

He took out three smelly pills and passed them to Sharon. “Take one daily. Remember to take them half an hour after breakfast!”

“Okay, Thank you. I’ll repay you if I really made it!” Sharon smiled and continued, “You’ll be my best friend then!”

Jack smiled and said, “You don’t have to repay me. I can sell my medication for ten or one hundred million per pill. I’ll give this to you and I only have one request. Stop pestering me and stop thinking about marrying me, okay?”

Sharon was extremely embarrassed and she smiled. “Alright, I promise!”

Selena, who was by the side, felt moved by what Jack did. This guy was bragging. How could three black as charcoal pills cost so much? Only Sharon, who was a simpleton would believe in him.

“Oh yes, I think it’s best for you if you don’t leave your house for these three days! You’ll have frequent toilet trips. I’m also afraid that your parents might not recognize you if you hide and suddenly appear in front of them. Don’t meet anyone and just be with your parents! Observe the results after three days!” Jack thought and reminded Sharon.

“Okay. As for that bastard, Selena, I won’t meet her for these three days. I’ll get back to her after I feel better. She’s too much! I’ve been treating her so well but she wants to hurt me!” Sharon was extremely angry when she thought about how Selena was the reason behind her misery. She would definitely get revenge for this.

Sharon soon left in a car with her bodyguard.

“What medication did you give her? You even bragged that it can be sold for ten to one hundred million!” After Sharon left, Selena glared at Jack and asked.

“A wonder and efficacious medicine!” Jack smiled and said, “Honey, why did you follow me out? Were you worried that I’ll be kidnapped?

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