No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0330

”Liar? Impossible, I trust him!” Sharon smiled and continued, “I’ll go up, take a bath, and sleep. Tomorrow morning, after I have breakfast, you can observe how I can lose my weight!” She walked toward the villa she stayed in after she spoke.

“We prepared your favourite, chicken thigh, cakes and other nice food. You don’t want to have dinner?” Mister George looked at his daughter from the back and asked in disbelief.

A few days back, Sharon would have said that she was hungry and started eating and drinking to her heart’s content. She actually said that she wanted to take a bath and sleep.

Sharon turned around and frowned. “That’s weird. I don’t feel hungry now. It’s like I don’t have any appetite!” She walked outside on her own after she finished speaking. She understood very well that this was the effect of Jack forcing the toxins out of her body.

“She’s not hungry!” Every member of the George family opened their eyes widely as if they saw ghosts.

The members of the George family did not pay much attention to it. They went to bed after food. The next morning, Sharon woke up and had food. She did not eat much with only a glass of soya milk and two Chinese crullers. Sharon rested for a while after food before taking out the pill and was ready to swallow it.

“Wait, what’s this medication? Who gave it to you? Is it from the soldier?” Mister George was surprised when he saw this and quickly asked about the details.

“Yes, he gave it to me. He said that this medication works well!” Sharon said with a smile.

“No! You can’t take that!” Sharon did not expect Mister George to walk forward, slap her hand, and caused the pill to fall on the ground. He even stepped on it. “Why eat this? How can you eat medication given by a soldier? You’re the only heir of the George family. If you die, we’ll be left with nothing!”

“Dad, why did you step on it?” Sharon almost cried out from anger when she saw the pill that had been crushed into powder. “I went through a lot of hardship to get this pill. Why… Why did you step on it!”

“Daughter, you can’t take this medication!” Madam George stepped forward and said, “He’s a mere soldier, not a doctor. How can you eat something from him? Who does he think he is? What should we do if anything happens to you?”

“Mother, he said that he’s a doctor and he can recognize the reason for my illness! I only have this one chance. All other doctors failed to cure me!” Sharon stomped her foot in anger. “If I need to continue my life like this, I’d rather die. So, I have to try it. Besides, you know that he’s a soldier that fights for Daxia. How will a person like him feed me poison?”

“But, this doesn’t look like medication. The medication from the regular hospital comes in tablets and what he gave you not only looks like black like rats’ defecate, it has a slight stink to it. I suspect it to be rats’ defecate that he shaped into a ball!” Mister George said helplessly.

Sharon ignored them. She walked over and drank some water. She then took out another pill, placed it into her mouth and swallowed it before the others realized what she did.

“There’s more!”

“Don’t swallow!”

“Miss Sharon, it’s dangerous. Let somebody else try it first!”

However, it was too late. Sharon had already swallowed the pill.

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