No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0331

“I trust Jack!” Sharon looked at the others and said, “I believe in him and I can lose weight! Ouch, my stomach hurts! I need the toilet!” Sharon immediately covered her stomach and went looking to the toilet after speaking.

“How’s that possible? Stomach Ache? Oh no, does it have something to do with the medication? How can the medication act so fast!” Mister George was in fright. “Oh god, there must be something wrong with the pills. If not, why will my daughter’s stomach hurt? What should we do, what should we do?!”

“Let’s observe, it might be nothing!” Madam George thought about it and everybody soon waited outside the toilet.

“Oh, that’s much better!” Sharon came out from the toilet after some time. However, she started covering her stomach again after some time. “Why is this happening again? Why do I feel that I’m passing out water? Am I having diarrhea?”

Sharon walked toward the toilet again while leaning on the wall.

“Bastard, how is this medication? This must be croton!” Mister George was so angry that he held his hands in fists and his face turned red.

He only had a daughter and what should he do if something happened to her? Although she was slightly chubby, she was cute. Apart from that, how could he not love his only daughter!

“Luca, bring people to Jack’s house and bring everyone back here!” Mister George quickly ordered, “If anything happens to my daughter, I want them to die ugly!”

“Yes, master!” Luca Zucker immediately cupped his hands as a gesture of respect and left with a group of bodyguards.

Sharon came out twice but she went back into the toilet as soon she walked out the door. In the end, she remained seated on the toilet bowl and did not come out. This caused the others to worry and they had no idea what to do.

“Xena Jackson, how dare you come back here with my son?” At the house where Jack and the others stayed, Fiona looked at Xena, who came back with Ben, angrily.

“Mother, please don’t act this way. I think there must be some misunderstanding between us!” Xena lowered her head and mumbled out after a while.

“Yes mother, there must be some misunderstanding!” Ben immediately supported Xena and said.

“Misunderstanding? How can that be a misunderstanding? She was the one who worked together with the motor robbers and robbed me money! The motor robbers had already admitted to it!” Fiona looked at Xena angrily. She refused the 100 million from Neil but this three million was her only worth now.

How could Fiona calmed down when she thought about how the money was almost robbed away and they almost failed to take it back?

“I know those people but I didn’t tell them. They are misleading you!” Xena had an aggrieved expression.

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