No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0333

Xena paused and sighed before she continued speaking, “Sigh, Jack is too bloody and violent. He killed those people because of money. What will happen to us if we wronged him in the future? Will he also…” Xena did not continue but the meaning behind those words were clear to the others.

Fiona and Ben looked at each other and felt chill travel through their spines. It was true that Jack killed people for money and it was too much. If those people hit him, he could have just taught them a lesson. However, if they knew about the actual situation, that somebody pointed a gun at Jack, they would not have these thoughts.

“It’s true that Jack has a bad temper, he even hit Young Master Clark without any explanation! Luckily Young Master Clark did not say anything because he was afraid about losing his honor if he told his family about it!” Ben frowned and smoked his cigarette. “Jack needs to control his temper. After all, this isn’t the warfield.

At this moment, around a dozen cars stopped outside their house and a group of bodyguards came walking angrily toward them.

“Who’re you? Are you looking for someone?” Fiona immediately stepped forward and asked. She wondered what was going on.

“Bring everyone here with us!” Luca ordered.

The bodyguards caught Fiona and the others, stuffing them into the car.

They left after they searched the house and made sure that there was nobody there.

Soon, everybody was brought into the living room of a villa and were brought in front of Mister George.

“This… Where are we?”

“Did you make a mistake?”

“We didn’t do anything! Have you made a mistake?”

Fiona and the others were extremely afraid when they saw that extremely extravagant house.

“Our people won’t make such low-level mistakes!” Mister George had a darkened expression on his face. He looked at Ben and Xena before saying, “You two must be Jack and Selena, right? If anything happens to my daughter today, all of you here have to die with her!”

After hearing what he said, Fiona and the others were so frightened that their faces turned pale. Surely, the troublemaker Jack had caused trouble again.

“No, no, no… Boss! No, mister, you’d really made a mistake! I’m not Jack and she isn’t Selena. My name is Ben and I’m Selena’s brother. This is Xena, my girlfriend!”

“These two are my parents and this is Jack’s mother!” Ben was so frightened that his voice was trembling. He continued his explanation, “Jack must be the one that offended you and your daughter. You only need to get him and I know where he is. Go catch him and it’s fine for you to kill him too, but we’re innocent!”

“You’re his family!” Mister George smiled coldly and said, “Since you’re his family, this isn’t a mistake. If anything happens to my daughter, all of you have to die. Jack will suffer and regret if all you’re dead!”


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