No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0335

“Stop your drama. I said none of you will be spared!” Mister George smiled sinisterly and said, “Where are Jack and Selena working at? Out with it, or I’ll kill you right now!”

Fiona was scared, but at the thought of her own daughter, she managed to grit her teeth and replied, “Mister George, please let us go. We never thought Jack would feed your daughter weird medicine. He’s done it without any of us knowing. We’re innocent.”

“Tell me now. Where are they working?” Mister George appeared to have lost his patience. He grabbed Fiona by her collar and asked her angrily.

“Let go of my wife!” Andrew immediately rushed forward.

Unfortunately, Mister George sent him to the ground with a single kick. The bodyguards had also come forward and surrounded him.

“Tell me!” Mister George glared at Fiona. “If you don’t tell me, I’ll kill you right now!”

At that moment, Fiona was really terrified, answering nervously, “J…Jack is working as a bodyguard at the Drake family. Can I not say where my daughter is working? You should be looking for Jack!”

“The Drake family!” Upon hearing that, Mister George was stunned momentarily. If that was the case, then things would be quite troublesome.

Although Jack was just a bodyguard of the Drake family, they still had to respect the status of his employer. To go and capture him would piss off the Drake family, what could he do? However, after some consideration, he decided that it would be fine. He could just pay some money to the Drake family to compensate for their loss and have them hand him over. After all, his daughter should be worth more than a bodyguard of the Drake family. For that matter, he believed that the Drake family would understand.

At the same time, another old man from the George family took out a gun and pointed it at Xena’s head. “Tell me where Selena’s working at. Otherwise I’ll shoot you right now!”

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you! She’s working under one of the Drake family’s businesses, what’s that again, Dragon Dynasty Real Estate! She’s working there as a manager of the purchasing department!” Xena’s legs were shaking in fear as she blurted it all out.

The other party finally kept his gun while Xena slumped to the ground with her forehead drenched in cold sweat.

“Master, this is a little difficult. Jack is just a mere bodyguard. It should be easy to capture him!
“However, Selena is working at their real estate company as a manager. If we get her, that would disrespect the Drake family. If that happens, the Drake family will be angered!” Luca advised Mister George after some thoughts.

“Yes, that’s right. The Drake family favors my daughter greatly. Although she’s only a manager, her monthly salary is at one million dollars. They really like my daughter. If you go for my daughter, you’ll offend the Drake family!” Fiona’s eyes brightened. She took a few steps forward and exclaimed fearfully.

“Let’s do it this way. We’ll respect the Drake family and forget about Selena. As for Jack, we’ll get him. However, we can’t go for him in the Drake Residence. Find some people and have them hide outside. Have them capture him the moment he leaves the Drake Residence!” Mister George finally instructed after some considerations.

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