No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0337

“I look thinner?” Sharon’s eyes immediately brightened. “Quick! Get me a weighing scale. Jack did say that I’d lose 15 kilos within a day. Let me measure my weight and see if the medicine really is effective!” she sobbed. “Oh my goodness, don’t tell me that I’ll see results already!”
Sharon felt happiness surging through her body. If she had indeed lost weight, it would make her day.

Not long after, two bodyguards carried an extremely large weighing scale to her.

Sharon immediately stood on it. “I just weighed myself the day before,” she said. “I was 106 kilos then. Who knows if I’ve really lost weight!” After she said this, she noticed the numbers. “Oh my goodness! I’m only 101.5 kilos now!” she abruptly burst in joy. “I just lost 4.5 kilos within moments. This is amazing!”

“No way. You really lost weight?” Mr. and Mrs. George exchanged glances, utterly astonished. The most she had been inside the toilet was probably an hour, and their daughter’s weight had really gone down.

“Seriously?” Joan was the first to rush over. She looked at the numbers as well. She was so moved that her eyes began to brim with tears. “I knew that my son wouldn’t cheat anyone. He’s no swindler, you can count on that. Since he said that it’d help Miss George to lose weight, he’d keep his words for sure!”

“Really? That’s fantastic!” Fiona was so ecstatic that she was practically dancing. From the looks of it, she almost burst into a square dance in front of everyone.

“Mr. George, since this isn’t a scam and that your daughter is fine, can we leave?” Andrew heaved another internal sigh of relief. The events just now had given them a shock of their lives.

“No way!” Mr. George’s instant reply caught them off-guard. “We don’t know the entire situation now. Who knows what medicine you’ve eaten? What if it has side effects? What if this weighing scale isn’t accurate? Who can say! Besides, what if something happens to my daughter again after we let you go? At any rate, we’ll wait until everything has settled down and verified before releasing all of you!”

“That’s right! No one can leave right now. A medicine that miraculous must have some side effects!” Mrs. George chipped in as well.

Fiona and the others were rendered speechless for a moment. All they could do was pray that this medicine from Jack was truly effective and had no side effects.

“Right. What if this scale isn’t accurate?” Sharon thought about it for a while before prompting them, “Get me another scale. I’m scared that this one isn’t accurate!”

“Yes, Young Miss!” The two bodyguards immediately ran off.

The minute they left, Sharon’s expression contorted once more. Clutching her stomach, she scurried to the toilet.

“She—she still needs to go!” Mr. George fell into a state of panic. If this went on, she could collapse from exhaustion.

After a while, the two bodyguards found another weighing scale. They waited outside. This time, Sharon only emerged from the toilet when it was nearing noon. She looked as though she had lost a lot of weight.

“My goodness. Her skirt is so much looser. She lost weight again. We can see that she really lost weight this time!” Fiona was extremely excited. Thank the gods; they were truly saved this time.

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