No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0338

“She’s grown thinner! She’s definitely grown thinner!” Mrs. George was extremely excited as well. This was practically a miracle.

“I’ll weigh myself and see!” Sharon could no longer contain her excitement. She immediately hopped onto the first weighing scale. She took a sharp intake of breath when she weighed herself. “My goodness, I’m only 97.5 kilos now. It’s unbelievable! I lost another 4 kilos. I still lost 4 kilos even if this scale isn’t working!”

“So you must’ve grown thinner!” Mr. George looked very pleased. He observed his daughter, noting that aside from the sweat filming over her body, she seemed to be in high spirits. Thus, it looked like there would be no complications for now.

Sharon excitedly ran over to the other weighing scale and observed the numbers, and soon after, she leaped in joy. “Mom, Dad, come over here and take a look. The numbers are the same! I’m 97.5 kilos. It’s amazing!”

97.5 kilos was probably far too heavy for other girls. They would probably feel that this was far from an occasion to celebrate. It was not a number that would make them happy. Still, these figures made Sharon extremely elated. She always wanted to lose weight; she would be happy for the entire day even if it was only one kilo. That dream had felt like wishful thinking to her before today.

“A total of 8.5 kilos already. 8.5! And it’s only noontime. Who knows if you’ll really be able to lose 15 by tonight!” A maid was extremely elated as well. She had always watched over and tagged after Sharon. She knew the amount of abuse and shame she had received from others throughout these two, three years.

“Mom, Dad, see? What did I tell you? Jack would never lie to me! He was a soldier, sure, but he’s also a doctor. And he’s a miracle doctor to me!” Sharon’s expression was radiating with nothing but joy. A thought then occurred to her as she added, “Aren’t you going to release them already?”

“Sharon, aren’t you worried that there’ll be side effects? Why don’t we wait till nighttime and see if your body is truly free from complications? I won’t just release them then; I’ll treat them to a nice meal! I’m just preventing the worst-case scenario from happening, all right?”
Mr. George continued, smiling, “Come, give them seats and prepare refreshments for them. They’re my guests now. If my daughter truly turns out to be fine, I’ll definitely express my thanks!”

Delight sparked in Fiona when she heard that Mr. George would ‘express his thanks’. From the looks of it, it was ridiculously obvious that Sharon was losing weight. If Jack truly was skilled in medicine and could truly treat Sharon’s strange illness, then everything would be perfect. Never mind if Mr. George did not give them money; it was an honor of its own if he treated them to dinner. If they could create good relations with the George family, they would not have to worry so much in the future. They would have another family to rely on.

Following this train of thought, Fiona immediately spoke up, chuckling, “Pardon us then. Oh dear, we never thought that this son-in-law of ours would be well-versed in medicine as well. He’s probably met some skilled doctor and learned quite a bit from him while he was in the army!”

Resentment filled Joan’s chest. When they initially heard that they were going to be killed, Fiona and the others felt so hateful that they were ready to immediately cut off all ties with Jack. They even went on to say he was an outsider in their family. Now that the situation was in their favor, not only did she call him her son-in-law, but she said it so easily!

“Oh no. My—my stomach. It hurts again!” After Sharon rested for a while, she suddenly clutched her stomach. Yet happiness danced in her eyes. “I think I’m going to lose weight again!”

“Hah! Go on, go on!” Mrs. George could not help but smile. She was not so worried this time around.

At the Drake family’s residence, Jack had just arrived and was prepared to do his work. He never expected that Kyle and a few other bodyguards would meet him once he stepped through the doors.

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