No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0340

“What a boast! As if you’re a god of war yourself.” Jack’s words made Yvonne roll her eyes. She would probably believe it if a bodyguard of the Drake family was worth a hundred men, but ‘worth a thousand men’ was pushing it.

“Let’s go. It’s getting a little late now. The earlier the better when it comes to choosing gambling rocks. Otherwise, someone with a good eye for them might take the good ones!” Tanya said, smiling.

Yvonne was taken aback for a moment. “Oh? Looks like you know quite a bit about this, Tanya,” Yvonne praised her.

Tanya merely rolled her eyes heatedly. “I learned everything from you, okay? You’re such a nut for these gambling rocks, always bringing me out to Gemstone Street. I’ve been there so many times already, so of course I know all these basic things!”

The duo chatted away as they walked to the center of the courtyard outside the mansion.

“Oh, right. Do you know anything about this, Jack?” Tanya turned to ask her bodyguard when she noticed he had not said a word.

Yvonne interrupted them before he could even open his mouth. “Him? Hmph. He’s a military man. I even heard that he was a delivery boy before. Do you truly think that he knows anything about gambling rocks, a pastime of the rich and the affluent? Something like this is way out of his league. How could he have ever come across it?”

“I’m just asking. What if he knows something?” Tanya rebutted, an awkward smile on her face as she did so.

“Something like that is truly a rich person’s pastime. A regular family would never have the means to dabble in it.” Jack’s lips curled into a wry smile. He opened the door of Tanya’s sportscar when they reached it. “Basically, gambling rocks are a gamble on the inside of a rock,” he said. “A single cut will make or break you. Once you’ve set your sights on the correct item, there might be a gemstone that will turn you into an instant millionaire. Of course, you’ll lose out if you chose the wrong rock!”

“Not bad. I never thought that you’d hear of our saying ‘a single cut will make or break you’.”
Yvonne gave a humorless smile. She opened the car door and slid into the backseat. “Let’s go,” she said. “I’ll help you broaden your horizons today. I’m the number one rock dealer in the gambling rock world. I can make a few million within a month with some luck; even 10 million and more isn’t a problem!”

“You only make 10 million, and you call yourself the number one rock dealer?” Jack gave a humorless smile as he drove, his head shook in dissatisfaction.

“Hmph. As if you’ve such a fantastic eye. I don’t know about other places, but I’m telling you that I really am the number one rock dealer in Eastfield.” Yvonne chuckled and lifted her chin slightly, pride in her posture.

“He’s out. Jack is out, but he’s with Miss Tanya. It’s not a good time to capture him!” Among the cars parked at the opposite of the Drake family’s villa, Luca happened to be sitting in one of them.

He initially planned that he would wait until Jack got off from work, and he would then exit the main entrance before capturing him. Even if the Drake family was to launch an investigation of their own in the future, Jack would no longer be alive. He was just a bodyguard. Furthermore, they did not directly kidnap him from the Drake family’s residence. As long as they gave some money, there was no way the Drake family would not agree to them. They never thought that they would see Jack driving out after not waiting too long, with two beautiful women in tow.

“Of course we can’t get him while he’s with Miss Tanya. What if something happens to her on her way back after we take Jack? We’ll be in serious trouble then!” Luca considered their predicament for a while. Then, he told his subordinates, “Never mind. Let’s just wait here. We’ll get him when he gets off from work in the afternoon—when he’s alone!”

Yet on another side, a black Audi was secretly following the sports car Jack was driving from a distance. There was a bodyguard in the Audi.

“Don’t get too close. It’ll be troublesome if that punk finds out we’re here. He’s a very skilled fighter!” he warned the driver.

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