No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0342

“I wouldn’t worry if I were you. I trust in Jack’s fighting prowess!” Tanya replied, a smile gracing her face as she did.

She paid no more attention to that fat b*stard, Michael Wilson, and studied the rocks laid upon the mat before her instead. Her eyes brightened in an instant as she picked one. “Hmm. This rock doesn’t look too bad,” she commented. “It’s big and square, and there are hints of jadeite on its surface. Not bad at all!”

“You have a good eye, young lady. This piece is certainly promising. And look at its color—that’s the key. It’s such a clear and crystalline green. As a matter of fact, I’m reluctant to sell it off myself. I really want to give it a try as well. Alas, I’ve been short of money recently, so I don’t dare to gamble my luck!” The old man chuckled and thrust his palm forward, splaying his five fingers. “No need to weigh this. I’ll just give you an estimate of its value. I might lose out too much if I weigh it, after all. The price will be 500 thousand dollars; only then will I sell it off. I’ll just be running a loss if it turns out to be a fantastic gem once you break it apart! I’ll lose out on a lot if there’s a nice, pretty jade inside!”

Michael also peeked at the rock; it did seem rather promising. ‘What if he struck the jackpot this time and obtained a good gem once it was cut open?’ he thought. His reputation would grow exponentially! Besides, Yvonne always poked fun at him. This was a golden opportunity to prove himself!

He grabbed the rock instantly and studied it carefully. “It looks pretty good!”

Yvonne studied the rock as well. “It does seem promising from the surface, but it’s still a little too expensive,” she spoke after careful deliberation. “I’ll be running a loss if there’s nothing inside. 500 thousand is too much, my good sir. The most it’ll be worth is one hundred thousand if you actually weighed it according to standard operating procedure.”

“Hah. You lack boldness!” Young Master Wilson simply chuckled. Yvonne did not have that much money, so she was more careful on using them. This was evidently a chance for him to show off.

However, he was not one to simply throw his money away either. He smiled and spoke to the old man, “500 thousand is a little too expensive. Lower it to 400 thousand and I’ll buy it. I’ll gamble on this rock. My luck has been pretty good lately. I’ll probably make quite a bit of money with this!”

A few passers-by crowded over when they overheard the exchange.

The old man pondered upon the offer for a while. “All right then. 400 thousand it is. I’ve not opened up shop for today. Let’s take this as the opening ceremony then!”

“All right. I’ll transfer the money to you immediately. Can you help me open it up?” Young Master Wilson grinned, his heart skipping in delight. The rock looked promising from its surface. Even if only a quarter of it was jade, then not only would he avoid a loss, but he would earn some money as well. If more than half of it turned out to be jade, then he would make a pretty sum.

“You want it opened now?” The old man was slightly surprised. This request required a huge amount of courage. After the purchase, some people would take it home and mull it over before actually opening it. Moreover, they might feel that there was no guarantee of a gem inside and think of a way to sell it off.

Of course, there were others who cut it open to gauge the situation after taking the rock back. If it was in a good condition, the rock’s worth would increase exponentially. Here, they could choose to cut it open entirely or sell it out at an even higher price to secure profit.

“Just cut it! I won’t be running a loss if even a little jade is revealed!” Michael said confidently.

Jack could not suppress a grin when he saw the other man paying the agreed price. Who knew that his smile would be caught by Michael?

The young master’s expression darkened. “What are you smiling at, you punk? Take a good look. I can buy something worth 400 thousand just like that. This is a gambling rock—something that’s not for the likes for poor b*stards like you!”

“You just threw away your money for a plain rock, and you didn’t even break a sweat. You truly are rich!” Jack bit back, a humorless smile on his face.

“As if you know anything. Shut up! Just look at it. It looks nothing like a plain rock. Can’t you see the beautiful coloring on its surface?” Michael’s mood soured in an instant. If it was a plain rock, that meant that there was nothing inside but rock. It would be just like a gold-plated necklace, with the precious mineral only lining the surface.

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