No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0346

Yvonne felt her heart thrumming at her throat as she watched the apprentice cut Micheal’s rock open. She desperately prayed that the gambling rock Michael picked was worse than hers. If his rock was a plain rock or contained just a little bit of jade, then she still had the chance to win the bet. Alas, the stone was later revealed as a rock of better quality than hers though, despite being extremely unsatisfactory and trash worth only about 20 to 30 thousand dollars.

Michael guffawed in an instant. “Please forgive me, Miss Yvonne. Looks like I won this time!” Michael chuckled sardonically and continued, “Pay up! 300 thousand dollars!”

“Hmph! It’s only because Lady Luck was with you this time!” Yvonne snorted coldly before transferring money to the boss. However, because Yvonne was bent out of shape, she glared at the stall owner and complained irritably, “Jack was absolutely right. Your stall has no good stones at all!”

Obviously, Yvonne spoke it out of anger. The stall owner would not dare to go against the Drake family even though he was displeased with her words. He could only laugh bitterly.

“Tsk! Him? He’s merely a lucky b*stard who guessed it by chance!” Michael sneered, his eyes burning in mockery.

“Hmm. Why don’t you bet with me?” Jack responded with a cold smile. “But, we’ll have to go to other stalls.”

“As you wish.” Michael’s mood lifted instantly and grinned. “I’ve never competed with a rookie like you. This is refreshing and rather interesting. Come now, what are you betting on?”

“Same as before. If you lose, you’ll pay for the other party!” Jack replied, smiling.

Michael, on the other hand, shook his head unexpectedly. “No, no, no! I can do it with Yvonne, but with you? Forget it! You’re just a poor and penniless punk. I know it hasn’t been long since you started working and haven’t gotten the pay yet, so you must have no money right now!” Michael turned him down. “So if you win this bet, I’ll have to pay for you, and you basically gain something from nothing, right? You can’t fool me with that cheap trick of yours!”

Jack was rendered speechless for a moment. He, Jack, had no money? Hilarious! With his current wealth, he could easily buy the entire Wilson family, but this fat Wilson had the audacity to say he had no money? He was too reluctant to argue with him anyway. “Then what do you want to bet?” he spoke.

After thinking about it, Michael replied devilishly, “How about this: If anyone loses the bet, he’ll get on his knees and bark like a dog!”

“Michael, this is a little too much. Are you sure you want to torture yourself like this? It’s a bad idea.” Jack laughed at Michael’s suggestion.

The corners of Michael’s mouth twitched involuntarily. “Funny. You don’t dare to bet, do you?” He leered at the veteran. “Don’t pretend to understand me if you don’t dare to bet!”

“Go ahead, Jack. I’ll pay for you.” Yvonne suddenly came forward, and with an interesting proposition to boot.

Jack was slightly taken aback at her words. “Wow! I really didn’t expect that the charming Yvonne would help me right now. It must be my lucky day! Okay. Let’s do it then. I’ll give you the rock after it’s opened. It’s the rock that you pay after all, right?”

“Don’t have to thank me. I always stand against injustice, just like Tanya!” Yvonne had a small, suppressed smile. The surge of giddiness overwhelmed her so.

This man accidentally saw her without clothes yesterday, and she searched for every possible way to exact her vengeance. Was this not a great opportunity? It did not matter who would lose at the end of this bet; she would still be satisfied. Jack kneeling down and barking like a dog would satiate the anger from yesterday’s incident, while Michael ultimately losing the bet would serve her justice from the loss she suffered minutes ago!

“Don’t pick a big rock, alright? I’ll lose a huge profit if it’s too big!” she hastily added after mulling over their bet.

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