No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0347

Regardless, Jack walked toward another stall and took a close look. “Don’t worry, Miss Yvonne. You’ll only be making more money, not lose it. If you lose it, I’ll reimburse you!”

“If that’s what you wish, then so be it! I’ll take it as you’re borrowing money from me this time. I’ll help you to pay first.” With a grin on her face, Yvonne held Tanya’s hand in hers as she approached Jack.

“I’ll take this piece, then,” Jack spoke as he pointed at one big rock.

The rock was square, and it was estimated to be around 15 kilograms just by looking at its size.
However, this big square rock was under the stall owner’s buttocks. The owner used it as a stool as she sat on it.

“What? Y—You want this piece?” The boss was a middle-aged woman. She froze at her seat for a good moment before she shot up from her seat. Hearing Jack’s words sent a rush of happiness through her being.

This big square rock had been in this stall since a year ago. The middle-aged woman initially hoped that some rookie would buy it because of its look; it looked smooth and shiny on the surface after all. However, a year had passed, and no one bought it. They all left after taking a closer look at it. Even the boss herself thought that it would be an unworthy plain rock since no one ever offered to buy it from her hands, hence she used it as an ordinary stone tool to keep her buttocks off the ground. The boss would not bother to bring the rock home every day after closing the stall had it not been for the tiny hint of red on its surface. It was heavy, after all.
She had never expected that, on this fine day, a young man expressed his interest in this rock!

“Jack, are you a fool? Everyone in Gemstone street knows that this rock has been sitting here for almost a year! Firstly, this rock is too big, and no one dared to bet on it. Secondly, its content isn’t exposed at all! There’s no sign of emerald nor jade on the surface, only a pitiful strand of red color! The red might be rubbed off after a few more times sitting on it.”

“Are you sure you’re choosing this one? You might as well just pay for both of us now!”
Michael burst into laughter, seeing Jack’s choice of rock. Jack; what a foolish man!

“Jack, are you trying to burn yourself? This rock is at least 15 kilograms! It’s more than 300 thousand!” Yvonne shook her head, disagreeing with Jack’s choice. Even though she was not fond of Jack, she still hoped that he could beat Michael after seeing how snobbish and arrogant Michael was when he won their bet.

“My dear sir, they’re the ones who don’t know anything. You, on the other hand, have a good eye. Come closer. Take a closer look at this hint of red! There might be some rare and scarce gem in it!” The middle-aged woman stall owner finally encountered some fool who wanted to buy it! How could she miss this excellent opportunity? “Let me tell you, just buy it! It’s definitely a rock of top-notch quality! Trust me, I’ve been purchasing those gambling rocks for years!”

“Hmph. You’re trying to trick a fool, aren’t you?” Tanya could barely hold it as she tried to expose her intentions. “If you really think that it’s a good rock, why don’t you open it yourself?”
This stall owner obviously wanted to sell this rock off quickly when she knew Jack was a gambling rock dummy. Was this not a scam?

“Yeah, boy, this Miss is right! Don’t buy it if you’re not a gambling rock professional! Everyone has seen this rock before!” Many surrounding onlookers, one by one, tried to persuade Jack to not make foolish decisions.

“This is definitely a treasure! You don’t understand.” Jack, on the other hand, chuckled happily. “This is it! I’ll pick this!”

“Okay, alright, young man. I’ll let someone weigh this rock right away. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a discount!” The woman immediately asked her two apprentices to move the rock over. “19 kilograms sharp!” she announced to Jack. “I’ll count it as 15 kilograms; the remaining kilograms are considered a gift to you. 300 hundred thousand is enough. I’m such a nice person!”

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