No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0348

“It’s 19 kilograms but you only collect the money for 15 kilograms. You truly are a kind person!” After listening to the exchange, Tanya leered, smiling coldly. “This is just an ordinary rock, so of course you’re kind enough to give a discount! If you really think this is a top-grade rock, will you still be this kind?”

“That’s right! You’re scamming a rock newbie! You’re nasty!” Yvonne echoed before turning her head to look at Jack. “Let me help you, Jack. The piece that you picked is nothing but a plain large stone! It’s just an ordinary stone, from the roadside.”

“Stop interfering!” the Young Master Wilson quickly interjected them. “Yvonne, don’t break the rules. This time, it’s me playing against Jack, not me against you! Since you’re not involved in this, you shouldn’t interfere further! If you insist on doing so, let’s call this bet off!”

“He’s right. Outsiders shouldn’t interfere!”

“I agree! The one who bet with Young Master Wilson should do the picking!”

The bystanders spoke up one by one as they commented on the bet.

Yvonne’s pallor was unsightly, but she could not fight back anymore. After all, if she helped, she would be breaking the rules.

“What do you mean by ‘bullying a newbie’? Miss Yvonne, I know you’re a member of the Drake family, but please be reasonable! This is a gambling rock, and its content can’t be predicted before it’s cut open. You can’t see through this rock, but what if this young man picks the right one?” The woman was sullen at her choice of words, but she then turned to Jack with a grin on her face. “Young man, do you still want it? I’ve given you a fair discount!”

“Of course! It’s 90,000 dollars cheaper! Why would I not want it?” Jack accepted the offer in an instant, a smile plastered on his face. He then continued, “Miss Yvonne, a moment ago you said that you’ll pay for me first. Could you please pay it now? Regardless of the rock’s contents, I’ll give it to you. After all, you’re the one who paid for it, so it’s a reward for you!”

Yvonne was so pissed that she almost fainted. This was a trashy plain rock no doubt, and nothing good would be in there after it was cut open. And this punk even said to her that he would give it to her? Nevermind, she would not want it. Although she could feel her blood boiling within her, she unwillingly still paid the money.

The stall owner felt much better once Yvonne paid for the rock. The big trashy rock was finally sold out to a fool! She thanked herself for never throwing the rock away, and she finally reaped the fruit by earning 300 thousand.

“Young Master Wilson, it’s your turn now. Since you’re playing a game, I suggest you choose a big one. Otherwise, you can’t live up to your reputation.” The middle-aged woman grinned as she tried to convince Michael.

Michael was satisfied when he saw that Jack had paid all that for a piece of junk. This idiot spent hundreds of thousands to buy a large rock, an ordinary rock that no one would ever pick, and yet he stayed confident with his choice! Michael could not wait to see Jack bark like a dog later after the game.

Michael’s eyes wandered around the stall, and not long after, he spoke, “There are no more big rocks like this from your stall. Besides, even if I’ve picked a smaller one with just a tiny bit of gem, it’ll be enough for me to win the bet!”

Once the last word of Michael’s dropped, he pointed at a piece of gambling rock and said, “This one is not bad. The part exposed from the surface has good color as well. Hmmm. I think it may be a good one! Alright, I will pick this!”

Yvonne’s heart sank deeper when Michael had chosen a piece that she would choose. Sigh. This time, Jack would lose for sure. Before that, Yvonne had been observing both men all the while, and she had a feeling the gambling rock that Michael had chosen was pretty good. She initially planned to make Jack pick it, but it eventually fell into Michael’s hand.

What made her feel even more miserable was what Jack commented later on. “This rock is pretty good! Most of it is jade, and icy jadeite at that! You’ll rake in a pretty sum after this. Such a lucky guy!” Jack praised Michael after taking a look at the piece in his hand.

Although Michael thought that Jack was a gambling rock rookie, he could not help but feel proud and content at Jack’s praises. “Oh, really? Then you can just admit defeat. If half of my rock contains icy jadeite, I guess it’s worth at least a few million! Now you can go ahead and learn how to bark like a dog!”

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