No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0349

“Hmph! We haven’t even opened this one yet. How can you tell that I’ll lose? I just said that yours wasn’t a bad choice!” Jack chuckled, countenance nonchalant.

“Why you… Why would you put yourself down like that?” Yvonne muttered to herself.

“Cut mine open first!” Michael immediately paid for the rock in his excitement, and more than a hundred thousand disappeared just like that. The two apprentices cut into one side of the rock.
He stepped forward to take a look the second it was cut open. His lips quickly curled into a smile. “Hah! Jack, you little b*stard. You were right on the nail this time. Do you see that? More than half of it is icy jadeite, and its coloring is pretty good too. This can probably go for a few million dollars, no problem there.”

“No way!” Yvonne and Tanya’s expressions darkened when they saw this. Michael had indeed chosen a good rock. It was hard to chance upon such a quality of a gemstone on a normal basis.

“Congratulations, Young Master Wilson! You chose a good one!” The stall owner was stunned silent. After all, she did not dare to open it herself and had just brought it out for sale. This was a huge loss for her.

However, gambling rocks worked this way. Pulses would quicken while gambling. No one could be blamed for her lack of foresight and luck this time around.

“How about it? Are you going to get on your knees and bark like the dog you are, Jack White? Just give up already. A gem like mine isn’t cut open even after two weeks in this street. Never thought I’d get it!” Young Master Wilson was immensely elated. His spirits had been uplifted.

He oh-so badly wanted to record Jack getting down on his knees and bark like a dog. He would record the entire thing and show it to the Taylors during Old Man Taylor’s 70th birthday bash. That would be extremely gratifying to do.

“I haven’t even opened this yet. How do you know if I’ve lost?” Jack gave a dry smile. “Please help me cut this open, Ma’am,” he said to the boss. “Cut it open on its biggest side.”

“All right!” The boss agreed to this, grinning, but she had a hunch that Jack was guaranteed to lose. She had seen a tinge of red on that rock a long time ago; not a single hint of jadeite was there. From the outside, it certainly looked like it was not worth much. Probably more than half of it was just plain rock. She would not have used it as a stool otherwise.

Yet when the rock was cut open, a haze of white was revealed. Then, they saw a tinge of green in the white.

“It’s lavender jadeite. An icy species—and a high-quality one, too!”

“Oh my goodness… It’s almost the entire rock too. The rock only covers its surface. It’s all jade inside!”

The two apprentices cried out when they saw the hidden stone beneath the layering, their voices trembling in excitement as they spoke. They had worked under their master for several years now, and this was the first time they saw icy jadeite of this quality. How could they not be excited?

“No—No way!” Michael was flabbergasted. Its value was ridiculously high. It could easily be sold off at a starting price of 20 or 30 million dollars!

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