No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0352

“1 billion!”

Many from the crowd inhaled sharply when they heard this. This bodyguard was just pushing it at this point. Was he aware of how much money 1 billion was? He had guts to be asking for 1 billion!

Furthermore, Young Master Wilson had kindly offered the gemstone he had just bought, valued at around 7 or 8 million dollars; that was a pretty good deal on its own. How much could a mere bodyguard earn anyway? He spoke as though he had plenty of money.

“1 billion? Aren’t you just being obnoxious? Why don’t you go and steal it yourself?” Young Master Wilson stared at him as though he was a madman, a contemptuous smile slowly forming on his lips. “Oh, I know why you need so much money now,” he said. “You’ve been thinking about it till it drove you nuts, didn’t you? Your dearest Grandfather Taylor’s 70th birthday is fast approaching, and you’ll be chased out of the Taylors if you can’t fork out the 40 million you promised. Also, you’d have to break up with Selena Taylor, right?”

“No way. This guy is Selena Taylor’s husband?”

“Mmhmm. I heard that he’s a military vet—a war hero. I think he was the one who saved the day during the incident at the zoo!”

Murmurs began to circulate among the crowd.

“This guy is the definition of a true man, and he’s not too bad of a person either. He risked his life at the frontlines so that we can live peaceful lives. My son, on the other hand, never made it back…” Lamenting, an old man from the crowd sighed as he recalled his son who had perished at the frontlines.

Jack glanced toward the old man before looking at the gemstone right before Young Master Wilson. “Fine. I’ll let you have a bit of dignity today.” Jack took the gemstone from him. “I’ll take the gemstone so that you don’t have to kneel down and bark like a dog.”

“As if you’d dare do something like that!” Young Master Wilson’’s bodyguard immediately snarled, full of bravado.

Yvonne wanted so badly to see Young Master Wilson bark like a dog and thought that Jack would be firm in the idea, but she never expected that he would be convinced so easily. Needless to say, she was unsatisfied with the outcome.

She then looked at the icy lavender jadeite. “Jack, you said that you’d give this to me after you’ve cut it open,” she told him. “You sure you won’t regret it?”

The crowd became hyperattentive when they heard this. This gem was worth around 20 to 30 million. Was Jack really going to give it to her? Of course, it would make Jack less trustworthy should he choose to eat his words, but most would understand him. Many of them would choose to do so, too. It was a matter of 20 to 30 million dollars, after all!

Yvonne merely wanted to see his response; she had no intention of claiming it as her own property. After all, she had only forked out 300 thousand, yet this gem was worth over a hundred times more than that. More importantly, she had advised Jack to not choose this rock. How could she have a say in anything now?

“I will never go back on my word,” he replied unhesitatingly, and it was an unexpected reply. “Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a man of my word.”

After he said that, he walked toward the old man. “Your son died on the battlefield?”

The old man nodded his head, a bitter smile on his face. “That’s right. I have a son and a daughter. My son had enlisted himself in the army, but who would’ve known that I’d never see him again. Now, it’s just me and my daughter, living our lives.” He released a tired sigh; red began to rim his eyes. “Still, my son was a hero because he died on the battlefield. How can we live in such peace without their sacrifices? I believe that those of you who were in the military would understand this!”

Unexpectedly, Jack thrust the gemstone toward the old man. “I can’t do much for you, but this gem is worth a few million. Take this as my offering of thanks.”

“What?” The crowd was stunned when they saw this, and hearts were touched at that moment. What a gift to give, from a former soldier to a martyr’s family.

“Young man, this…this is too precious. I can’t accept this!”

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