No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0354

Jack felt slightly bashful. Yvonne was under the impression that she was every man’s object of desire. Now that he thought about it, his actions were rather questionable. Would anybody else just give away something worth 20 to 30 million? Furthermore, Yvonne was good-looking, and she had a nice figure. He had accidentally caught sight of that figure yesterday too, so she probably suspected he had some unsavory intentions towards her and wanted to get on her good side by giving her such a present. It was certainly a plausible theory.

Jack gave a wry smile. “Don’t worry, I’m not having any wild ideas about you,” he assured. “You paid for this, and I already said that I’d give this to you no matter what came out while you were paying. I don’t go back on my word as a man.” He paused for a while here before continuing, “Just take it as an apology for yesterday’s accident, if you’re genuinely that uncomfortable with taking it.”

In truth, he had not really done anything wrong yesterday. In fact, she did not close the door and walked straight out of the bathroom as she was. Nonetheless, she was a woman. Jack still felt slightly apologetic for that.

Yvonne’s cheeks immediately flamed when she heard his words. She did not know why the incident from yesterday suddenly crossed her mind. In addition, she felt like she was naked when Jack looked at her at this moment. It embarrassed her to no end.

She rolled her eyes at him. “What do you mean you don’t have any ideas about me? Am I that ugly?”

Jack quickly cleared his throat and decided to be blunt. “You are good-looking, but I have a wife, and I think she’s more beautiful than you are. I certainly won’t have any wild ideas!”

“You…” Yvonne was so angry that she stamped her foot. What did he mean, saying that she was good-looking yet was less beautiful than his wife? He really had a foot in his mouth. Could he not even attempt to sweet-talk a girl? Besides, she was far younger than Selena, and she had a voluptuous body. How could that woman ever compare to her?

“Hold on. Why is your face turning red, Yvonne? What did Jack do to you yesterday?” Tanya was quick to notice something, and she asked as soon as she detected something off.

“Oh, it’s nothing!” Yvonne suddenly panicked. She did not know to speak of something like this.

She often wore sexy clothing, and even her skirts were too revealing sometimes, yet she was a conservative girl in personality. She had never been in a relationship and had never even held a boy’s hand before.

“But I think there’s something going on between you too!” Tanya stared at them, suspicious.

Of course, Jack and Yvonne’s lips were sealed. She could not do anything but give up. Soon enough, they arrived back at the Drake family’s residence. In a car parked on the opposite side of the street, Luca and the other bodyguards noticed Jack had returned.

“He’s back. Brother Luca, it’s pretty late now. That punk will probably get off from work soon. Our opportunity comes the moment he leaves work!” a bodyguard spoke.

“That’s right. We must catch this b*stard!” Luca nodded his head. “Our young miss wouldn’t be in such a dire state now if he hadn’t fed her crotons!”

They never thought that after a short while, they would see Jack driving a car out all by himself.

“That b*stard actually drives a Porsche. It’s pretty early for him to leave work. It’s only 4:30 now, and he’s already out!” Seeing this, Luca immediately set the plan into motion. “Come on, let’s follow him,” he spoke. “We’ll think about catching him later once we stop his car.”

In an instance, the George family’s bodyguards—numbering over 10—went down at the same time, walking toward Jack.

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