No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0355

“I’m barred at the gates the moment I come out. Seems like you’ve waited for me for a long time!” Jack’s lips twisted into a mirthless smile as he got down from the car.

“Ahem. I hope you don’t mind, but you’re coming along with us today.” Luca chuckled, cutting straight to the chase.

“Really? Where to?” Jack asked.

“The George family’s residence. You fed our young miss crotons, so you have no choice but to come along with us. Not a single one of your family members will be spared if anything happens to the young miss!” Luca looked at Jack. He knew the punk was probably a skilled fighter; Jack would not have been recruited as a bodyguard for the Drake family otherwise.

However, they had numbers on their side, and they were the guards of the George family, thus they did not tremble before Jack.

“That’s a normal response,” came Jack’s reply, but his forehead creased soon after. “What do you mean? You’ve already taken my family?”

“Hmph. What do you think, punk?” One of the bodyguards chuckled. “We’re just missing you and your wife, but never mind your wife. She’s a manager in the Drake family’s company, after all. You’re more important!”

“You dare to take my family? How bold of you.” Jack’s expression darkened. A sudden chill swept over the area.

“Look, we don’t want to raise a hand against them either, punk. Just come along with us quietly.” The bodyguard thought that they were in complete control of the situation and grinned at Jack. It was clear he did not think anything of the other man.

“It’s in your best interest that my family be left unharmed. It won’t just be you who’ll accompany them to the grave otherwise—and even after I’m done with all the Georges, the bodies still won’t be enough!” Jack’s features hardened; his fingers curled into fists.

“Hmph. We talked nicely to you. You think you’re some sort of big shot now?”

“Seems like you’ll seriously look down on us bodyguards of the Georges if we don’t teach you a lesson.”

“Of course, the Drakes are more powerful than the Georges in terms of financial and material wealth, but no one said that the Georges’ bodyguards can’t rival the Drakes’ bodyguards!”

Two or three men circled Jack, prepared to pummel him. Alas, they had no chance to strike first when Jack lashed out. His fists flew, and in a flash, the three bodyguards were on the floor, spitting blood.

“Vermin like you don’t even deserve to put yourself on the same pedestal as me.” Jack icily glared at the men writhing on the floor and moaning in pain. He bore the indisputable aura of someone high above them.

Luca was completely stunned in his spot. Jack moved too fast; he did not manage to get a good look and his subordinates were already on the floor. Someone like this was way too terrifying. In a moment, all his confidence from earlier deserted him.

“I’ll go to George family’s residence, but you’re not going to hold me down!” Jack waved at Luca and the other bodyguards.

At this moment, Luca’s phone rang.

He quickly picked up the call. “Luca, have you and your guards done anything yet?” came Mr. George’s voice from the other end of the line. “Jack is a miracle doctor. Our daughter is completely fine now, and she’s in good spirits. Plus, she genuinely lost 15 kilos. You have to invite Jack and his wife over nicely. They’re our esteemed guests!” he spoke.

“Oh, that’s right,” the patriarch added. “Our butler has already booked a hotel—the six-star Dynasty Hotel!”

The corners of Luca’s mouth began to twitch furiously when he heard all of this. Why could he not have called one or two minutes earlier? Now, Jack did not seem too happy.

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