No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0357

Carefully planning, Luca then commanded the other two bodyguards, “You two! Go pick up Miss Selena from her company. You must be respectful and treat her well, do you understand?”

At this moment, Jack thought of his precious daughter. “Oh, right. You didn’t take away my daughter, Kylie, right?” he spoke. “If she’s terrified because of you, you’d land yourself in serious trouble.”

After all, Kylie was only a little over four years old; he did not want her to be frightened and traumatized at such an innocent age.

“Well, when we went to your house, we didn’t see any little girl, so we didn’t…” Luca wiped the cold sweat on his forehead once more. Thankfully, they did not take the daughter away as she went to school. Otherwise, this unassailable yet mysterious man before him would be infuriated.

Although the George family was puissant, it was certainly not a good idea to give Jack the hump.

“Alright, I’ll pick up my daughter first before going to the George family’s residence,” Jack decided before going back into his car.

Without further ado, Luca quickly commanded his subordinates to make way for Jack. “Hurry up and move the car. Make way for Mr. White!”

Meanwhile, in the George family’s residence, Sharon no longer had an upset stomach, and she did not want to visit the toilet again. It seemed that the efficacy of the pill had completely worn off, and Sharon was lively once more. The greatest outcome from everything that had happened was that Sharon had lost more than 15 kilograms, and she weighed only around 90 kilograms at this moment. If they had not seen it for themselves, Mr. and Mrs. George would hardly believe it.

The girl before them turned into an alluring and comely young lady. This was their daughter!
The clothes on Sharon were obviously bigger and looser now as she drastically lost so much weight. She took a shower and found herself some old skirt that she used to wear when she was slimmer back then to change into.

“Wow. Now that Miss Sharon has lost so much weight, her features are delicate and sharp. She looks very charming. If this continues tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, Miss Sharon would be stunningly beautiful!” Fiona’s praises for Sharon gushed right out of her mouth as she looked at her. Internally, however, she sighed in relief.

The head of George, on the other hand, felt apologetic toward Fiona and the others. “I’m truly sorry, everyone. I especially didn’t expect that Jack, a veteran, could be so skilled in the medical area.” He paused and then continued, “I hope you can forgive me for what I did today.”

“Oh, it’s all forgiven. You’ve already invited us to a six-star hotel for a luxurious dinner. How can we be so unforgiving?” Xena responded with a smile. This was the George family, a first-class aristocrat family! She would be set for life if she could get connected with a member or two of the family.

“Dinner is a must.” Master George relented with a bitter smile. He then spoke again in a worried tone, “I’m concerned about Jack; that he’ll be unhappy about it. After all, he didn’t ask for a penny from my daughter, and yet he gave her such a magical pill to help my daughter lose weight.”

“It’s nothing at all. Don’t be preoccupied. He listens to me, and he wouldn’t be angry if I asked him not to. Besides, is there any parent on this earth who doesn’t care about their children? Mr. and Mrs. George are only afraid of bad things happening to Miss Sharon.” The smile on Fiona’s face was only a facade; she was deathly afraid initially.

“Hmmm. We’ll be going out to dinner in a while, and it might not be convenient for you to travel here and there, given that you don’t have a car. We have lots of cars in our garage, and some of them are just staying in the garage for nothing. How about you pick two of them?” Master George placated after mulling over his thoughts.

“These two cars represent my sincere apologies. What do you think?”

“Um… Uh. Mr. George, you’re too polite and benevolent to us! It happened that my son and his girlfriend, Xena, both have driving licenses but don’t have a car! Thank you so much!“ Fiona gushed with excitement, her eyes brightened in an instant.

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