No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0358

In a blink of an eye, Fiona and the others standing before one of the George family’s garages.
When the heavy metal door was lifted, they found themselves face-to-face with opulent and sumptuous branded cars: Bentley, Porsche, Ferrari, and even Rolls-Royce. Besides, some of them were rare and of limited edition. Each of them bore an imperial and illustrious aura like a prideful ruler.

“Ma, can… Can I pick one as well? Is it mine after I pick it?” Xena was a little agitated; she never anticipated that her blessings would come so soon. She suddenly found herself touched with her decision of dating Ben. Him as a back-up was indeed her best decision ever.

Nevertheless, Fiona countered, “How could you think like that? A moment ago, you were saying you’re just Ben’s girlfriend, and not a Taylor yet. For the time being, this car doesn’t belong to you, but you can drive it since you’re Ben’s girlfriend.”

“Jack and sister Selena both have their own cars. Only Ben and I have driving licenses without cars. Ma, can’t you just give it to me?”

The bitter feeling of remorse hung over her head at that moment. After all, she was desperately cutting ties with the Taylors to save herself a while ago. How would she even know Jack could truly help Sharon lose weight? She bet Fiona would not want to give her the car anymore because of what happened.

As expected, Fiona flashed a small smile and said, “You can use the car, but the car is mine, and the other one belongs to Ben. You can drive my car now for the time being as I wait for the moment I’d get my driving license, and I’ll use it then. By that time, you could use Ben’s. It’s more than enough for you to share one with him.”

Xena swallowed down her tears of bitter disappointment. She could only smile bitterly at this moment. “Alright then. We’re a family anyway, so it doesn’t matter who owns the cars.”

“It’s good that you understand it.” Fiona chuckled. “Pick a car.”

“Master George, can we pick this…this Rolls-Royce?” Ben had been staring at a raven black Rolls-Royce for the longest time, and he felt giddy.

“Absolutely!” Master George smiled. “This is my apologies for inviting you to my place forcibly. As long as you’re willing to forgive me for my rudeness and don’t speak ill of me in front of Jack. You can pick whichever you desire!”

“Wonderful! Master George, you truly deserve to be patriarch of the George family. How generous, how benevolent!” Ben could barely conceal his soaring excitement. He immediately pointed at one car. “This is it! I pick this!”

“For the other one, we’ll pick Rolls-Royce as well!” Xena exclaimed, an obvious tremble in her voice. If she got to drive a Rolls-Royce, it would immediately increase her social status. Just the thought of it sent shivers of excitement throughout her being.

Master George guffawed. “Not a problem! Let me get you the keys right now.” He soon got the keys to both cars and handed them over.

“This is amazing. We can now drive such good cars, too! This is fancier and much more expensive than your sister and brother-in-law’s car!” Xena gushed uncontrollably.

“Master George, don’t you worry. My son-in-law is nothing but skillful in treating people. He treated my husband’s leg, and he’s now fully recovered!” Fiona chuckled while praising Jack in front of Master George.

Fiona’s words shocked the George family. A short while ago, when they threatened to kill Fiona and the others, Fiona tried her very best to shove all the blames and responsibilities onto Jack. Not only did she not acknowledge Jack as her son-in-law, but she insisted Jack was an outsider.
Now that Fiona saw opportunities and benefits, she changed her attitude, calling Jack her dear son-in-law unabashedly.

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