No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0359

“Really? I’d like to meet this son-in-law of yours then!” Master George flashed a small smile before he continued, “Both of you, drive the cars out of the garage and park them at the main gate. You can drive to the Dynasty Hotel for dinner in a while.”

“Alright, we’ll do that!” Ben and Xena—whose every cell in their body was screaming excitedly not long ago—could not wait any longer to test out the cars. They drove the cars and parked them at the main gate.

After a short while, Luca returned to the George family’s residence with a few wounded men. Upon their return, Luca made his injured men get medical treatment before presenting himself before Master George.

Luca called Master George to come aside and whispered to him, “Sir, you didn’t harm Fiona and the others after we left the residence, did you? Jack has threatened us, saying that if we touched a single strand of hair of his family, he won’t go easy on us!”

“Hmph. This young man is rather adamant and braze. How dare he not put the George family in his eyes!” After hearing what Luca had reported, Master George began to sneer.

“If it’s not because he managed to treat my daughter’s strange obesity, I’ll make him know that no one can cross the George family!” Master George subsequently scoffed. “Us being a first-class aristocratic family isn’t a joke!”

How dare this punk threaten the George family. Was he not a little too bold? Was the George family that easy to be threatened?

However, the last thing he expected was Luca, the head bodyguard, tried to persuade him, “Sir, Jack White is no ordinary man. He can heal young miss’s condition, which shows that he possessed good medical skills. Moreover, his combat ability is superior that no bodyguards hired by the Drake family can compare to him!”

“What do you mean? Is he that strong?” Master George’s feature turned solemn in an instant after hearing Luca’s exaggerated claims on Jack.

“Yes, Sir! He’s so strong that even three or four of our men wouldn’t be able to defeat him. It’ll only take him a second to knock them down and not a single chance for them to counterattack. Frankly speaking, even I can’t do it at such a speed, Sir. I believe he’s stronger than I am!” Luca’s face hardened as he spoke. There were not many people who acquired better combat skill than he did in this Eastfield.

“What a strong man! It looks like the Drakes have recruited another skilled bodyguard!” After hearing it, Master George quickly thought of something that made his heart skip a beat. “Wait, what? Did you say that you and your men have already fought Jack?” Master George questioned. “I’m afraid that he’ll be very upset since you’ve done it. After all, to Sharon, Jack is her savior that helped her lose weight and to start anew. It was a really bad move for us to go against Jack!”

“Sir, the main reason is that your phone call came a little too late. If you’ve called one minute later, I’d be lying on the ground as well!” Luca showed a bitter smile and continued, “Nonetheless, Jack White isn’t an unforgiving person. He has the domineering and generous aura that a soldier should have. I can completely concur with this. He said as long as we didn’t do anything to harm his family, apologize to his family, and they’re willing to forgive us, then it’s fine for him. Otherwise…” Luca paused for a second and then carried on, with a worried tone. “Otherwise, he’ll dig our graves.”

“What?” The uneasiness washed over Master George; he stood frozen upon hearing it. “Isn’t this punk being too arrogant? How strong is he that he could say such words!” Master George was rendered speechless for a good while before his lips could eventually part again. He thanked his lucky stars that he did not harm Fiona and the others; he even made an effort to apologize for it! At the same time, he doubted Jack’s ability to defeat the George family on his own.

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