No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0360

At the same time the conversation between Master George and Luca ended, Selena arrived at George’s mansion in her car. She parked the car in the yard and got out of the car right after.
Selena still had her professional attire since she had just gotten off of work. Her aura made her look capable and responsible.

“Is this Jack’s wife? Jack is lucky to have her as his wife! Can you see how outstanding she is?”
Some from the George family exclaimed when Selena came into view.

“Pa, Ma, are you alright?” Selena came to Fiona and Andrew and took a good look at them. She then asked, “What happened? Why did the George family invite us to dinner out of a sudden?”
“Hey, it’s okay. Nothing happened!”

Fiona answered with a smile. “Didn’t Jack help Miss Sharon to lose weight? Now that Miss Sharon has successfully lost around 15 kilograms, Master George is so delighted that he invited us to dinner! It’s his way of expressing his gratitude to us. Not only that, but he also showed us his garage and had us pick two of his cars as gifts!”

Fiona pulled Selena to the two Rolls-Royce as she spoke, “What do you think about these two cars, Selena? Look, these are so new. All their cars look very new; I guess they barely use them. It’s a waste to see those cars parked in the garage and not using them. He asked us to pick, so of course we’d have to pick the most lavish ones!”

Selena was dumbfounded at her words. These were Rolls-Royce, for God’s sake!” She smiled wryly and sighed. “Ma, you really know how to help yourself and choose whatever you like.”

“Of course! They’re all luxury cars, and they asked me to choose two of them. Why shouldn’t I? Besides, we didn’t get them by stealing or snatching. This a gift from the George family. Why shouldn’t we take it? We’re not fools.” Fiona’s face looked as though it was beaming. “Your brother and Xena will use these cars, and after I get my driving license, I’ll be driving it!” Fiona said to Selena.

“Xena?” She immediately turned her head and looked to the other side upon hearing her mother’s words. Only then did she realize that Xena Jackson—this liar—was strolling with her brother in the garden on the other side.

Selena’s face darkened in an instant. “Why is she here? Ma, didn’t you tell Ben what had happened that day? Why didn’t he break up with her?”

“Selena, you know how much Ben loves Xena. Do you think it’s possible for him to ask for a breakup? Moreover, Xena already explained that it was only a misunderstanding. Both times that she planned the robberies were for her vanity. She showed off in front of her drinking-buddies and was eavesdropped by the other party over a drinking session. In fact, she didn’t initiate the collaboration with the other party!” Fiona replied in an awkward tone.

Selena was rendered speechless for a moment. “Ma, how could you believe in what she said?” she spoke once she found her voice. “Didn’t Jack already explain that Xena was given a portion after the robberies? Her ultimate intention is the money; the Taylors’ money!”

Alas, these words made Fiona upset. She shot Selena a fiery glare and rebuked, “If she was really after our money, why was she still with us when we’re not wealthy and have nothing at all? Hasn’t she been loyal to your brother all the while? Besides, Jack didn’t like Xena in the first place! We can’t completely believe in what he had told us, can we?”

“Still, the Motorbike Robbers told us the same!” Selena was unconvinced of her mother’s opinion. She always felt that there was more to Xena than what she let on; that she was not a good woman. Eventually, something bad would happen if Ben continued being with her.

“That was to frame her!” Stubbornly, Fiona was still taking Xena’s side. “Just let it pass! Perhaps Xena has some difficulties that we don’t know. We can’t completely trust Jack’s one-sided words, after all. We weren’t there when it all went down, right? Since your brother likes her so much, let everything that happened in the past be buried. Let’s just pretend that nothing happened. If you’re still unhappy about it, we’ll all take extra precautions in the future and observe her closely to see what kind of person she is.”

Selena could not find herself to say anything after that. Twice. They were robbed twice, yet they still let the matter go. However, given that her mother took Xena’s side and her unbelievable younger brother’s love for Xena, Selena could only concede.

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