No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0361

Jack and Kylie soon arrived at the George family’s residence main gate. He got out of the car and glanced over his surroundings. His face sunk.

“My Miracle Doctor White! It’s so great to finally see you here!” Master George’s smile emerged in an instant and came over to welcome Jack. He stretched out his hand to show his sincerity.

Jack placed Kylie at her feet before taking Master George’s hand. “Don’t have to call me a genius doctor or what-so-ever. I’m not a miracle doctor. In this world, there’s only one person that is worth being called a miracle doctor. This person is Ethan Hays!” Jack bore a small smile as he spoke. “Jack will do,” he added.

“Alright then. Jack, your medical skills are really excellent!” Master George commented after a brief moment of thinking. “I’ve never met a doctor like you!”

Jack noticed that there was no sign of anger on his family’s faces. “It looks like my mother-in-law isn’t upset at all,” Jack concluded.

Master George’s face flushed. He was embarrassed. “I was indeed reckless previously, and I have apologized to them.”

“Yes, he’s right! It’s only a misunderstanding. After all, your medical skills are so good that we as your family aren’t aware of it, let alone Master George!” Fiona approached Jack and interrupted their conversation with a smile on her face. “Master George is very kind and generous! He even gifted us two of his luxury cars! I’ve never met someone as benevolent as he is!”

Jack was speechless once more. It seemed like the two Rolls-Royce next to Fiona were compensation from the George family. Therefore, it was no surprise that his mother-in-law’s mood was too good to be true.

At this point in time, Ben and Xena came over to the crowd. When Xena noticed Jack’s piercing stares toward her, she instantly remembered Jack slaughtering the Motorbike Robbers. She was so frightened that she lowered her head, afraid of meeting his gaze.

“Xena, what’s the matter? Feeling uneasy due to my presence here?” Jack smiled coldly. He spared her life, but he never expected this liar would be this bold to stay by Ben’s side. This woman was a daredevil!

“Brother-in-law, what are you talking about? We’re a family. If you have anything else to say, let’s talk about it later at home! Besides, Xena had come clean to Pa and Ma. It was just a misunderstanding!” Ben stepped forward and defended Xena once he noticed the tense atmosphere between Jack and Xena.

“A misunderstanding?” Jack sneered. Were they saying that what he saw with his pair of eyes was only a misunderstanding?

“Yeah! She was drunk and trying to show off in front of her drink-buddies that she found a rich boyfriend, and…” Ben shrugged and glanced at Master George. “My dear brother-in-law, we’re at Master George’s place. There’s a crowd here; it wouldn’t be nice to talk over this thing here.”

“Fine. I’ll give you face since you’re calling me brother-in-law today.” Jack nodded, showing a light small. “But, I hope that you won’t regret your decision in the future.”

Jack knew it very well that when Ben called him brother-in-law, Ben was hoping Jack would not probe further on the topic. Moreover, Fiona and Andrew had forgiven Xena. It would be oversensitive of him, aiming at Xena on purpose.


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