No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0362

Xena heaved in relief when she knew Jack could not do anything to her, even if he was upset.
Ben and Fiona took her side and defended her. This left Jack no choice but to give up even if he wanted to murder her. Jack was calculative, though; he did not poke her bubble of lies right then and there. It seemed that this guy would be extremely difficult to deal with. Xena thought to herself that she had to be careful in front of him in the future. Otherwise, she would be giving the game away.

“Let’s move. It’s getting late, and we’ve already made reservations at the hotel diner,” Master George chortled and announced.

Right as Master George spoke, Sharon walked out of the house.

“Jack, I just can’t thank you enough! The pill was so effective!” Sharon rushed to Jack when she spotted him.

“Oh my goodness! She…” Selena clasped a hand over her mouth as she found it hard to believe her eyes. “Miss Sharon has lost a lot of weight! You’re only around 80 to 85 kilograms now, right? You look fitter now! If you lose another 15 kilograms tomorrow, you’ll look even better. Not only that, but judging by your features, you’d be a very stunning lady after you lose weight!”

“Thank you for the compliment, Sis!” Sharon blushed. “If only I was half as good-looking as you after I lost some weight.”

“You’ll look good, no doubt about it!” Selena managed to squeeze an awkward smile, even though she had an internal battle when Sharon called her ‘Sis’. Last night when Sharon proposed to Jack, she announced that if she ever got married to Jack, she would treat Selena like her dear sister. Of course, Selena was older than Sharon by a few years. She was not sure if she was oversensitive about this situation.

“The result is pretty good. Today’s just the first day, and the result is most obvious and effective on its first day! The outcome will be a little less effective tomorrow, weaker on the day after that, and so on.” Jack examined Sharon for a good while before adding, “However, after three days of treatment, you should have an ordinary body type that a normal girl should be having. The extra flesh and fats on your body are mostly accumulated toxins. Those fats shouldn’t be in your body.”

“B—but I only left one pill now. My dad stomped the other pill.” Sharon’s brows furrowed in an instant as she grumpily stared at her father.

Master George’s pallor was unsightly; he was embarrassed. How would he even know that the insignificant tiny black sh*t would be a magical pill?

“Ahem! This is, in fact, my mistake. That tiny thing looks black and has a bad odor. It really looked like a black sh*t! Furthermore, how could I possibly know that you, a veteran who just returned from the military, know about diet and losing weight…” Master George let out another dry cough to cover up his awkwardness. “Jack, you still have this pill, right? Since the whole treatment required three pills, can you give my daughter one more?”

Jack was still slightly annoyed that the George family kidnapped Fiona and the others away. If it was not because they did not take Selena and Kylie away, Jack would have burst and been hostile from the start.

Now when he saw the other man asking for the pill with a bright smile on his face, Jack sneered, “Of course I have the pill. However, as I’ve told Miss Sharon before, this medicine of mine is very costly, and I gave her the first three pills as a gift! If you want another one, I won’t give it for free. You’ll have to buy it.”

“What? This man is too much! How could he ask money for one tiny pill when our Master George has invited them to a six-star hotel and even gave them two almost brand-new Rolls Royces!”

“I agree! He’s too much! How could he not give face to our Master George?”

Some of the Georges whispered among them, discussing and commenting over Jack’s behavior. Based on their experience with others, Jack should be smiling and offering the pill to Master George to please him, like the others! Never did they expect that this punk would ask Master George to pay for the medicine.

“Jack, what nonsense are you talking about?” Fiona quickly interjected when she overheard the heated discussion among the George family. She was afraid of offending them. Why was Jack unafraid of displeasing them? The George family was a first-class aristocratic family, after all.


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