No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0363

Fiona stepped forward and glared at Jack. “It’s just a pill, Jack. Why did you ask for money? Master George treated us well! He gave us two Rolls-Royces, too. What else do you want?”

“She’s right! Jack, aren’t you being too greedy and ignorant? Can’t you just give it to Master George since he only needs one?” Xena snarled as she followed after Fiona.

This was the perfect opportunity and time to please the George family! Was he an idiot? How could he ask for money and not consider the other party?

Jack did not budge in the slightest at their friendly reminder as though he was as deaf as a post.
He flashed an indifferent smile after a while and replied, “Those two Rolls-Royces are the compensation from Master George for kidnapping you guys, while the money I asked for is for the pill. Two different things. Besides, my medicine is expensive! If it’s not for the kind-hearted Miss Sharon, I wouldn’t sell it even if you kneel and beg!”

This was the first time Master George met a person like Jack. Embarrassment washed over him in an instant. Nonetheless, the George family was loaded. It would not be an issue as long as it could be solved with money.

“It should be this way,” he replied with a small smile. “Jack is right. I should pay for the medicine!” Pausing for a moment, he then asked, “Tell me, how much is it?”

“It’s not a lot. 20 million will do. Great value for a great product.”

“20 million? Why don’t you steal or rob? It’s just a pill, and you asked for 20 million?” A woman from the George family exclaimed angrily. She could not bear it anymore. This was blackmail in plain sight, not a regular business!

“Jack…” Even Selena showed slight annoyance at Jack’s answer. 20 million was too expensive for a pill. Was Jack not afraid of upsetting them?

“Honey, you have to believe me! I’m not speaking nonsense!” Jack explained, showing a bitter smile.

“It doesn’t matter. 20 million it is, then!” Master George did not show any hint of hesitation. He then called for his butler. “Butler, apply for a card and deposit 20 million in it. Sent it to the hotel once done. We’ll make a move to the hotel for dinner first.”

“Yes, Sir!” The butler nodded and left the compartment along with a few bodyguards.

“W—what? Master George really paid for it?” Fiona swallowed hard. She initially thought that Master George would be infuriated, but he did not. He even paid for the 20-million medicine. It was 20 million!

Jack took out a black pill and handed it to Sharon. “Miss Sharon, keep it well. Don’t let it stomped into powder again this time!”

“Alright, don’t worry. I’ll keep it safe!” Sharon chuckled.

Not long after, they all arrived at the main door of the six-star Dynasty Hotel.

“F*ck! Isn’t that the George family? Should we go and say something nice to please them?” On the other side, Ken Clark, who had just got off the car, whispered to Ivan Taylor who was next to him.

Ivan took a closer look, and his eyes widened into spheres as large as saucers that they almost fell out. “Am I seeing things? T—That person looks like Jack White, the veteran, and that one looks like Selena Taylor. Huh? What? The whole family is here! And why are they with the George family?”

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