No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0364

The George family, a first-class aristocratic family in Eastfield. Even a second-class aristocratic family like the Clarks could not wait to please them! Of course, those like the Taylor family were even more eager to make friends with them! Such an opportunity would not come easily.

Yet, there they were. Ken and Ivan saw Jack and his family walking together with the George family toward the six-star hotel!

“This is weird. Under normal circumstances, many people would want to invite the George family over to dinner so badly just to please them. These people might not even show up even if you sincerely invited them!”

“Hmmm. Could it be that today Jack invited them to dinner?” Ken murmured as he stared at them from behind.

“Impossible! This is a six-star hotel, and it’s very costly to consume here. Does that punk have the money to spend in such a place? Moreover, it’d be a shame for the George family to dine at the regular table, so he should at least get a private room and order fine liquor to please them, no? The cost will be at least one or two million, don’t you think so?” Ken’s forehead creased.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up as if he had thought of something. “By the way, I heard that Selena Taylor is the procurement manager in Drake Dynasty Real Estate which belongs to the Drake family.”

“Yes…but how is it related to the dinner?” Ivan asked.

“I heard that the George family wants to be involved in the construction material business recently. They’ve already acquired a construction material factory that was about to shut down and are preparing to spearhead a big project,” Ken explained. “Hmm… Do you think it’s possible that the George family wanted to collaborate with the Drake family in the South Hill Real Estate project?”
Ken thought for a while and carried on, “After all, this South Hill Real Estate project is a piece of juicy meat. This project could rake up a profit of 7 or 8 billion, no sweat.”

Ivan’s face distorted when he heard Ken’s words. “No, don’t say it. You’re wrong… F*ck, you’re right. It’s possible!” Ivan swore. “Selena is cunning. She said she’d consider collaborating with me the last time I met her, making me feel like there’s still hope to sign a contract, but I never expected her to be such a fake b*tch and invite the George family to dinner so she could get a favor or two.”

Ken slapped his own forehead. “Now I remember!” he exclaimed. “Young Master Taylor, your family is directly involved in the construction material business, right? How did Selena not think of the Taylor family first? She’s one of the Taylors. Shouldn’t she take care of her own family first?”

Ivan’s feature was even more distorted than before. “Hmph! Who knows how this woman’s brain works. She behaves well and filially in front of Grandpa Taylor and would always say she’ll make the Taylors greater than before. Now, however, I see that’s all changed.” Ivan paused for a while before he added, “I think it’s all because I’m now the family’s general manager, thus helping our family would ultimately be helping me. She wants to be the heir, so if she gives this project to the Taylor family, my position as the heir would be rubber-stamped!”

“I see,” Ken nodded. “It seems like Selena isn’t as innocent and kind as we see her. Something seems odd about her being the procurement manager with such a high salary in the Drake family’s company, and Jack being their bodyguard with an even ridiculously higher salary.”

“Son of a b*tch.” Flabbergasted, Ivan could only sigh. “Young Master Clark, you knocked some sense into me. You made me open my eyes.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Ken was puzzled.

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