No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0365

“That’s why Miss Tanya treats Selena and Jack all too kindly. This is the truth. I knew it!”
Ivan looked as though he could see the light at the end of the tunnel. “Think about it this way. Jack’s a punk who has only served as a soldier. Though he’s skilled, the Drake family is so wealthy. It’s so easy for them to recruit a good bodyguard! Why do they pay him 20 million a month?”
Ivan allowed his words to sink in before he added, “Selena’s salary is quite high as well, but she’s a procurement manager, so it’s reasonable to be this high. Only Jack’s salary makes no sense; it’s too much! The pay he’s getting only makes sense if it’s Selena’s. It’ll be obvious that they’re doing something under the table if they pay Selena 20 million a month!”

Ken seemed to have thought of something. “Are you saying that the Drake family wanted to pay Selena 20 million a month but are afraid of raising suspicion? And that’s why they pay Jack 20 million instead?” Ken hypothesized.

“Bingo!” Ivan patted Ken on his shoulder and began, “Now, I’m pretty sure that there’s something fishy going on between either Selena and Young Master Drake or Selena and Master Drake! The 20-million salary only makes sense if we put it that way. What Miss Tanya said about Selena and Jack—that she’s a capable manager and he’s a skilled veteran—are all bullsh*t to me. I have a hunch that Miss Tanya only uses this as an excuse!” he continued.

Ken stayed astonished. “So that’s the truth! Damn! Selena is such a shameless wh*re, selling her soul and body in order to get the life she desired! I thought the Drake family really appreciated their capability for a moment! Now that after Young Master Taylor has analyzed the situation thoroughly, I finally realized Selena is a lying b*tch!”

Resentment grew inside Ken like a tumor as he spoke. He was good-looking—at least better than Michael Wilson—and filthy rich! If Selena wanted money, she could marry him. Instead, she went to find someone from the Drake family—perhaps the old master Drake—in secret and rejected him. When he thought of this, his edge of irritation had returned. What was bad about him? Was he worse than an old man?
“How cunning. If the Drake family pays Selena 20 million dollars a month, everyone will suspect that she’s being taken care of by a sugar-daddy. But, if this 20 million is given to Jack, they’ll never focus on Selena, let alone doubt her. Of course, it might puzzle them as to why Jack’s salary is ridiculously high!” Ken clenched his fists as he trembled with rage.

“I, too, didn’t expect this dear cousin of mine will be this manipulative and crafty! Looks like I have to take precautions against her in the future. Otherwise, the Taylor family’s property will one day fall into her hands!” Ivan flashed a wry smile.

At this moment, another car came into the scene. Neil Hugo, Young Master of the Hugo family, got out of the car. “Both of you arrived so early; much earlier than me!” he spoke. “What are you two talking about?”

“Talking about a b*tch!” Ken’s fists were still tightly clenched, hot with anger.

“Who is it? Come, let’s discuss it together,” Neil spoke with great interest in his voice.

“Selena Taylor!” Ivan sneered. “Who else do you think it could be?”

“No way. I think she’s a pretty good woman!” Neil furrowed, unable to digest their thoughts. Selena looked kind and gentle; why did they compare her to a b*tch?

After a short while, Ivan and Ken shared all their assumptions and analysis with Neil.

Neil, too, clenched his fist after hearing it. “Hmph! It’s true that there are no good women in this world! Most of them are gold-diggers and love money to death… Selena Taylor is no different!”


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