No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0366

“Young Master Hugo, Selena Taylor is a lot more powerful than we thought. We just saw her family dining at the hotel with the George family…” Ken forced a smile as he told Neil about Selena potentially collaborating with the George family on a construction project.
Having said that, he then added, “Just think about it. If she didn’t give the George family any benefits, why would they treat them to a meal?”

Ivan glanced at the sports cars by the side, then blurted, “These people from the George family are truly generous. To think that they would chauffeur people around with Rolls-Royces. D*mn it. I’ve never sat in a Rolls-Royce before!”

“Nevermind. It’s not like we can prevent this now, can we?” Neil made a strained laugh before speaking to Ivan. “Young Master Taylor, you mentioned about asking us out for a drink. What is the matter?”

“let’s go. There’s a decent bar there. Let’s go drink as we discuss!” Ivan laughed out loudly, then led the two of them to a small bar.

After arriving at the bar, they ordered some drinks and took a seat. Only then did Ivan speak up. “To be frank, I’ve heard that you both fancy my cousin sister! Is that so?”

Neil took a sip of the drink in his hand, then laughed coldly. “That’s indeed the case, but what can we do? Selena just won’t give me any chance. Especially now that her husband is back and she loves that daughter of hers. it’s just too difficult to get my hands on her! Previously, I’ve even come up with a plan with Young Master Clark, but it failed!”

Young Master Clark felt dejected as he recalled how Fiona almost accepted the 100 million dollars from him. He then downed the drink in his hand in one gulp.

He smiled dryly, then said, “I’m the most unfortunate one. I’ve already been friends with Selena for a few years. If not for Jack coming back all of a sudden, I believe I’d be dating her now!”
Having said that, he then shot another look at Neil. “Back then, Young Master Hugo hadn’t even seen her. You’ve only seen her much later!”

“the reason I ask for both of you to come is to think of a solution! Jack had assaulted me previously, and Selena is a competitor in inheriting the Taylor family assets. Although she’s currently kicked out of the family, I can’t let my guard down! After all, my grandfather said that as long as Jack could fulfill his promise when the time comes, then all the things in the past would be water under the bridge. Their entire family will once again be taken back to the Taylor family!”
At this point, Ivan laughed as he told them his reason for asking them out.

“Young Master Taylor, you’ve taken the right move to look for us. After all, you’re enemies with them, and we want to have Jack killed. Our end goal is more or less the same!” Ken laughed, then added, “Oh yeah, what did Jack promise?!”

“Oh, there were three conditions…” Ivan immediately told both of them what happened previously. “If Jack fails to fulfill his promise when the time comes, he has to get out of the Taylor family and divorce Selena. He would have to roll out of the house, not walk!”

Unexpectedly, Ken and Neil were making a pained smile when they heard it.

Neil stated bluntly, “Jack is currently working for the Drake family with a monthly salary of 20 million dollars. Although it’s only a short time before Old Master Taylor’s birthday, Jack could ask for an advance payment of two months without an issue. Moreover, if we’re not mistaken, Selena might be having an affair with Young Master Drake, or even James Drake. If that’s the case, wouldn’t money be a simple matter to them?”

Hearing that, Ivan’s expression immediately darkened. “If that’s the case, all the more reason for us to not wait around!”

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