No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0367

“Young Master Taylor, do you have any ideas? We’ve tried our best but have yet to formulate a good plan. The last time we planned to have Fiona poison Jack, but we never expected her to be so cowardly despite her love for money!” Ken said after looking at Ivan.

Ivan then replied, “I think it’s unlikely to have Jack divorce Selena. They’re quite close. Meanwhile, it’s very difficult to have him killed as he’s good at fighting. I’m afraid none of your bodyguards are his match!” Having said that, Ivan made a faint smile before continuing, “However, I have another idea! We’ll hire a hitman!”

“hitman? Some hitmen might be worse off than our family’s regular bodyguard!” Neil burst into laughter instantly, “Young Master Taylor, here I thought you might have some ingenious plan for calling us over. In the end, that’s all you can come up with?”

However, Ivan smirked before replying, “Young Master Hugo, do you think that I’ll be hiring a regular hitman? I’m talking about the elites, those at the top of the list among hitmen!”

Seeing Young Master Hugo and Ken being intrigued, Ivan finally added, “Most importantly, I’ve found someone to contact this hitman. It’s a woman, a seductress. It’s easiest for a man to let his guard down around women. Moreover, if she used her charms, the chances of success would naturally be much higher!”

“If you put it that way, we can give it a try! If this can get Jack killed, then Selena wouldn’t choose to be a widow for life, right? Once Jack’s dead, our chance will come!” Ken’s eyes brightened as he saw a glimmer of hope.

Indeed, they could not afford to drag this on. If they did, it would be too passive. Moreover, if Selena and Jack’s feelings for each other developed over time, that would be even more troublesome. They need to take this chance where Jack had just come back. Five years of separation meant that their feelings for each other were not as strong. Jack’s death would be the key.

“However, it’s going to be very costly to hire a hitman just like that. This woman is ranked fifth on the hitman leaderboard. She would only accept big contracts!”

“I’ve inquired. Her price is 150 million dollars for her to take the hit!” Ivan forced a smile, then looked at the two.

“I understand your intention. You’re thinking of having us pay part of it, right?” Neil chuckled, then took out the atm card he prepared for Fiona earlier. “Here’s 100 million dollars. You can’t have us pay for everything, right? You’ll pay for the 50 million dollars yourself.”

“No problem. Rest assured, this hitman is really good. Not only is she good at disguising herself, but she can even completely change her appearance! I’ve heard that quite a few experts died in her hands! She will stick to her mission. Once accepted, she will go through all means to get rid of the target! Moreover, it’s a guaranteed success within five days!” Ivan stated confidently.

“nice working with you!”

The three of them toasted in laughter.

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