No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0368

Meanwhile, while Jack and the others were halfway through their meal, the George family’s butler came and passed an atm card to Jack, along with the password written on a note.
Seeing Jack getting that much money, Selena, Fiona, and the others were all in a rather good mood. With that, everyone had a happy meal. After enjoying their meal, they finally left the hotel.

Meanwhile, Master George was also very courteous, asking for Jack’s family to visit them at their place to hang out if they were free. After Master George and the others have departed, Jack finally approached Fiona and passed her the atm card along with the note.

“Mother, here’s the 20 million dollars I’ve promised you previously as Selena’s betrothal gift. Since I have the money now, I’ll pass it to you in advance!” Jack stated sincerely with a smile.

“W-w-what a surprise!” Fiona’s heart was delighted beyond measure.

For the past two days, she was regretting her rejection of that 100 million dollars. Who would have known that Jack would pass her 20 million dollars right now? With the 20 million dollars, Fiona’s mood immediately improved greatly. After all, she had gotten that money in her hands without doing anything that would burden her conscience.

“Take it. This is what I’ve promised you previously. I always keep my promises!” Jack placed the atm card in her hand.

“Wonderful. My daughter made the right choice! I really didn’t expect you to know medicine! It seems like the past few years of suffering that we went through was worth it!” Holding onto the card with 20 million dollars, Fiona was stuck with a smile on her face.

Meanwhile, Selena felt speechless. With the 20 million dollars in hand, her mother’s attitude made a complete change.

“So, would you acknowledge me as your son-in-law now? Are we a family?” Jack asked with a pained smile.

“Of course. Why won’t I acknowledge you? You’ve kept your promise, which shows that you’re responsible. Moreover, your current salary is considered quite good. If we worked a little harder, then we’ll be getting richer in the future, right?” Fiona laughed while speaking. Needless to say, she was on cloud nine.

However, Andrew instead was frowning. “You’ve settled 20 million dollars, but you’re still short of another 20 million dollars. Although you can have the Drake family advance your salary for a month, there’s still the gift that’s worth 10 million dollars. A gift like that is not easy to find. Have you planned that out yet? Furthermore, this is the old master’s 70th birthday. The gift should be meaningful!”

Jack grinned mysteriously. “Father-in-law, don’t you worry about that. I’ll settle it! I know that some people in the Taylor family are waiting to watch me embarrass myself, right? I’m afraid they’ll have to be disappointed when the time comes.”

“Alright, since you’re confident, I’ll leave it to you!” Andrew nodded. He was confident that Jack would not lie to him.

The whole group then happily returned home. The next morning, Jack went to work early. Meanwhile, with the cash in hand, Fiona went out with her rich auntie friends for a shopping trip.
Of course, the reason she went shopping was to show off, to let others know that she was no longer broke. She was once again like them, a rich person who could afford to buy an expensive handbag if she so wanted to.

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