No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0371

“That woman’s body is stunning. I think her butt is even perkier than Selena’s” After arriving at the plaza outside the hotel, Neil could not resist swallowing his saliva. “Too bad she’s a hitman. If only she was an escort. I’d be willing to pay high prices for this woman!”

“That’s right. Such a beautiful flower, yet it had to be a rose with thorns!” Ken joined in amusement. “Next we can just sit back, relax, and wait for the good news from her!”

Neil nodded, then said to Ivan, “Young Master Taylor, if the hitman contacts you about Jack’s death, you must notify us right away. Us brothers shall have a good celebration!”

Hearing that, Ivan’s heart was overjoyed. Although the Taylor family was just a third-class aristocratic family, Young Master Hugo and Young Master Clark belonged to second-class aristocratic families. For them to address him as a brother, it was apparent that he was not seen as an outsider. If he could establish a good connection with them, then it would definitely be beneficial for the future growth of the Taylor family’s business.

“Sure. When the time comes, we must make a grand celebration!” Ivan nodded with a smile as they continued forward.

However, after a moment of their departure, Ivan seemed to recall something. He asked, “Oh, you told me that you failed to have Fiona poison Jack, right?”

“Yeah. That Fiona loves money so much, yet she ended up saying she didn’t want to kill someone. Isn’t that just annoying?!” Ken felt his frustration grow the more he thought about it.

“Where’s the poison? Pass it to me. I’ve just thought of someone that might be able to help us. We should keep the poison for now. If the hitman fails to kill him, I’ll think of something with the poison. I’ll make sure Jack drinks this!” Ivan’s gaze gave off an evil feeling.

“That works too. There’s not much use for us to keep it anyway. It might be more useful for you as you’re from the Taylor family. You’ll have more opportunity to use it than us!” Ken nodded, then took out the poison and passed it to Ivan. “Do note that this poison is slow acting. It’s colorless and odorless when mixed in water. After drinking it, one would appear normal. However, in a month, the body will slowly deteriorate and eventually, the person will die.”

“Is that so? That’s even better. When the time comes, who would think of what happened a month ago, or even what they have eaten or drank? This poison is perfect for killing!” Ivan received the poison happily.

Meanwhile, within Selena’s office…

Sonia came before Selena and passed some documents and files to her. “Manager Taylor, here are some materials from the construction material supplier and the company intro. I’ve taken a look and they seem to be decent, especially this Marvel Construction Material Company. I think the materials from this company are quite good, and the pricing is reasonable!”

Having said that, Sonia paused for a moment before continuing, “Of course, the final decision is yours to make. This is just my suggestion.”

Hearing those words, Selena frowned. Marvel Construction Material Company was the biggest subsidiary company of the Taylor family,

In the past two days, she was still hesitating on this matter. She wanted to help Ivan, yet she was worried that it would generate gossip behind her back, claiming that she was misusing her power. However, if she rejected Ivan and refused to work with the Taylor family, her grandfather might not be happy. After all, their ability to rise to a second-class aristocratic family was very important to the Taylor family. Her grandfather waited forever for such a day.

“You can just leave it here. I’ll check through it carefully and let you know the results later!”


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