No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0373

Having said that, OId Master Taylor paused for a moment before asking, “Are you still angry at Grandpa for that?”

Selena forced a smile. “I know Grandpa’s attitude quite well. Back then I was stubborn too. It was out of spite that I was pregnant with my daughter. However, I find that Jack is a decent guy and my daughter is very cute as well. There’s nothing much for me to regret. As for other people gossiping, that’s their business. I have to live for myself!”

The old master sighed, then said, “It seems that despite my old age, I’ve not lived my life as fully as you had! Oh right, I heard that you’re in charge of the South Hill Real Estate’s construction materials procurement? Have you found a suitable collaborator for the project? I know that it’s a little difficult for you at this position, as others would gossip.”

Selena kept quiet. At first, she thought that her grandfather would persuade her to sign a deal with the Taylor family. She did not expect him to be considerate of her position and say such things.

The old master then said, “If it’s too difficult for you, you can give this a try. After all, our Taylor family didn’t do too well these past few years. You just need to give us a share, even if just thirty percent of the project. That way, even if we can’t rise to a second-rate aristocratic family, we would still be able to get a breather and help boost our company performance for the past years!”

From his tone of voice, Selena could tell that he felt helpless. There was even a hint of begging.
The old master had always placed great importance on his reputation. It was almost impossible for him to be humble, and even then it would be forced. It was also on the grounds of the Taylor family’s future that he would say such words. Selena felt touched by his actions.

At that moment, the kind-hearted Selena could not help but smile warmly. “Grandpa, the main reason I called you was to talk about this matter. The supervisor had just passed me all the information of several potential construction material suppliers. After taking a look, within the few companies, our Taylor family is very competitive and our quality is decent!”

Hearing that, the old master was delighted, asking immediately, “Y-y-you mean that we have hope? How much of a share would we get on the project?”

Hearing her grandfather’s excited voice on the phone reminded her of his affection back when she was young. Selena laughed, then changed her plans. “I’ve decided to give the Taylor family eighty-five percent of the project, while the others will be shared among other competitors.”

“Eighty-five percent!?” The old master breathed in deeply. That was beyond his expectations. It showed that Selena was intentionally favoring the Taylor family.

The old master’s eyes turned slightly red. “Selena, I’m very touched that you can let bygones be bygones. I’ve also thought it through. There’s no point in those gifts. All that’s important is that Jack is sincere. Even if he can’t produce a gift worth 10 million dollars, I’ll still acknowledge him as my grandson-in-law and take all of you back!” Having said that, the old master warned her, “However, don’t you tell him about this. We need to give him some pressure. If you tell him in advance, this kid might not work hard!”

Hearing that, Selena could not help resist a chuckle. “Alright, I’ll keep it a secret from him. Grandpa, looking at how confident he is, I believe he should be able to come up with the money. Also, please keep today’s matter a secret. I’ll ask Ivan to come over and sign the contract. As for the price, just follow the market price!”

“Yes, of course!” The old master nodded, feeling satisfied. Eighty-five percent! They might be able to make a profit of 5 to 6 hundred million dollars! That was more than enough to bring them into the ranks of a second-class aristocratic family.

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