No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0376

“Manager Taylor, l-l-let me introduce myself. I’m Janet. Our family…how do I put it? Please don’t laugh at me, but we’re just a regular company. We’re not even considered a third-class aristocratic family! However, Jacob’s Construction Materials is really quite good. Our quality is decent. Oh yeah, I have some of our documents here. There are also some reviews from our clients after working with us!” Janet seemed to be nervous, but still courageously introduced herself to Selena.

Standing before her, Selena was already a successful female professional with a high position.
She heard that the Drake family was paying her a monthly salary of 1 million dollars. With that kind of pay, she was comparable to some directors.

“You even have reviews?” Selena was surprised and intrigued. After taking a careful look, she finally told Janet, “Your company does look good. I’ve heard of it before. Your reputation is decent!” Having said that, she paused for a moment before continuing, “I would like to hear you out.”

“Jacob’s Construction Materials prides ourselves in our quality. However, our company is not big, nor as well known as others. Therefore I don’t expect to be allocated that much work in this big project! Our main hope is that Manager Taylor would be able to allocate a small portion to us!” Having said her piece, Janet took a sip of her coffee, then asked carefully, “I wonder if we’ll have a chance of working with you?”

Seeing her sincerity, Selena finally smiled. “I’m about to sign the contract tomorrow. Eighty-five percent of this project has already been allocated! Although the remaining fifteen percent is not much, if you do it well, it should be no problem for you to earn 1 to 2 hundred million dollars. Therefore, our requirements for business partners are also quite stringent!”

Hearing that, Janet sighed in her heart. From Selena’s tone, she most likely had no chance.
However, she quickly cheered up and smiled at Selena. “It’s okay, I understand that the chances of working with you are very slim. Many from my family were even laughing at me, claiming that it’s impossible to reach a deal. In fact, that’s also within my expectations!”

Although Selena had already made up her mind, she still asked intentionally, “Since that’s within your expectation, why did you come? Moreover, it’s scorching hot outside. Why did you wait for so long?”

“Thing is, sometimes we have to try. If we never try, we’ll never know. What if I got lucky?”
Having said that, Janet sat for a moment, then felt awkward and stood up to pay the bill. She then laughed and said, “Manager Taylor, it’s a pity that we can’t work together this time. However, I hope that we will have opportunities to work together in the future. This is my business card. I’ll prove to you in the future that we’re a good business partner!” Finishing her statement, she turned around and got ready to leave.

However, Selena laughed unexpectedly. She saw her old self on this young woman. Back when she was the general manager of the Taylor family’s company, it was not given to her like Ivan. She had earned her place through her own hard work. Moreover, when she left the company, many employees cried because they loved her as a general manager.

“Wait a moment. I don’t think I’ve said that we can’t work together, right?” Selena laughed, then called out to Janet.

“Manager Taylor, y-y-you mean that…” When Janet heard that, she turned around with a look of astonishment on her face.

“What I meant to say was the remaining fifteen percent will all be given to you. I hope you don’t let me down. You must make sure of the quality. As for the price, we’ll follow the one you proposed. Come find me at my office tomorrow at nine-thirty in the morning to sign the contract!” Selena took a sip of her coffee and crossed her leg, yet somehow appearing graceful.

“That’s wonderful! Yes, yes! I’ll definitely reach on time tomorrow! I’ll go back immediately and draft out a proper contract!” Janet was elated, quickly taking her leave.


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