No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0377

“This girl!” Selena laughed before standing up and taking her leave as well.

However, she did not expect a sexy and seductive lady in shades seated nearby had been observing them for a long time. Only after Selena had left did the woman stood up and settle her bill before going out.

“What I meant to say was the remaining fifteen percent will all be given to you…” The corner of her lips curled up creepily. The voice she made was the exact copy of Selena’s voice.

That lady was none other than the hitman that ranked fifth in the southwestern hitman leaderboard, Shadow!

At the same time, Ivan had also happily returned home. Reaching home, he immediately called Cecilia and the other relatives over.

“Master Ivan, what’s the matter? You seem happy. Did something good happen?” A young man of the Taylor family asked, giggling.

“Excellent! Truly wonderful news!” Ivan’s body still reeked of alcohol. He looked at Theodore and Zeus, proclaiming, “Dad, Grandpa, we’ve finally gotten our hands on the project by South Hill Real Estate!”

“That’s wonderful. Master Ivan is truly amazing!”

“That’s right. You managed to obtain such a big project.”

Quite a number of the Taylor family members immediately started praising Ivan. Most of them were working at the Taylor family’s company, carrying out all sorts of positions. Ivan was the general manager, and now that he managed to secure such a big project, the authority within the Taylor family would eventually be in his grasp. That was why they had to get on his good side or risk having a rough future.

However, a number of them knew in their hearts that Selena had compromised for them to secure the project. If Selena was petty and held her grudge, it would be helpless even if Ivan begged on his knees.

“guess how much of this big project were we allocated with?” Ivan laughed out loud excitedly, then said, “At first, Selena was unagreeable and only planned to give us thirty percent. However, thanks to my quick thinking and persuasiveness, she finally made multiple compromises. In the end, we nailed it at eighty-five percent of the project!” Ivan intentionally placed a strong emphasis on the number eighty-five when he spoke, hoping to make the number stand out. His face filled with smugness.

“Master Ivan is truly awesome. You managed to negotiate for eighty-five percent!”

“That’s right. Selena is so petty to just provide us with thirty percent. That’s just too little. We’re all from the Taylor family after all. She has the blood of our Taylor family running within her!”

“That’s right. I think she’s being petty too. If it were me, even if I had to save my reputation, I would have at least set aside sixty percent of the project!”

The Taylor family members were all busy debating.

However, Zeus Taylor, the old master had a gloomy expression on his face. Selena had given him a call long ago and told him about the eighty-five percent allotment. She had even discussed it with him. Ivan probably did nothing, yet he dared to come back showing off and claiming credit. If not for trying to save Ivan’s reputation, Zeus would have exposed him right then and there.

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