No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0379

The woman replied, “Well… You’re pretty and kind. But it doesn’t change the fact that I have been hired to kill and I must complete my mission.”

“Hire? You’re a hitman! Where is this place?” Selena was shocked and scared at the same time. This run-down house they were in looked really old. That aside, she ran into a hitman. Who on earth hired a hitman and wanted her dead?”

“Ivan?” She quickly thought of him as Ivan was a revengeful man, and Jack broke his bone. This alone would make him a highly possible candidate.

Selena then dismissed the idea as quickly as she thought. ‘Impossible. Ivan has been longing to secure the contract. Even if he really wanted me dead, he would do it after the contract, not before.’

“Don’t worry, you’re not my instructed target,” the woman spoke.

“I’m not your target, so why did you capture me?” Selena suddenly understood. “Now I know, you’re disguised as me… Your target is my husband, Jack!”

Selena gasped as it might very well be true. If she wanted Selena dead, she would have done so much earlier. The fact that she captured Selena was to attract her actual target who was none other than Jack. Selena thought of the possibility of someone revenging on Jack would be much higher as he had caused trouble to a lot of people out there.

Jack did not only get in the way of Ivan but people like Ken, Neil and Michael as well. All these were no ordinary people. If they wanted Jack dead, it would just be a piece of cake.

“Smart!” The woman nodded. “So, your husband will be dead today. You can’t blame me but you can blame my employer.”

“Who’s your employer?” Selena tried to interrogate.

“this is funny. Do you think a professional hitman like myself, being the top five in the southwest region, will reveal this information to you? I, on the other hand, was wondering how easy it is to lure your husband here using your face.”

“Shameless!” Selena scolded, “My husband is a veteran and has served the military for five years. He can fight a dozen alone! I’m warning you, you better let me go and abort this mission, you may lose your life to this mission!”

“I see you’re trying to threaten me here. Five years of the military? He’s a piece of cake to me, even if I don’t disguise myself as you. Let me tell you, even marshals won’t be my match.”

“A marshal will not be your match…?” Selena’s mouth twitched at her abilities. She initially wanted to scare the hitman but did not think that the hitman was actually that skillful. She started to actually worry about Jack now.

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