No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0384

Selena struggled. She tried to warn Jack but her effort was in vain. Soon after, she realized that no more noise was coming from outside. It was pin-drop silence. ‘Is Jack…dead?’ she started to worry. Suddenly, she was frightened by the sight of a hand appearing at the door that swiftly pushed the door open.

Selena’s eye reddened and teared from joy seeing that it was Jack who entered. She just realized how much she cared for him at that moment of life and death. Not just that she realized how much she loved him, she was also dreaded by the thought of his death that would leave her child without a father. Seeing that Jack entered the room safely, she breathed a sigh of relief.

“I knew that woman was not you!” Panic-stricken, he made his way to Selena and removed the cloth stuffed in her mouth. He quickly held her in his embrace and asked, “Honey, how’re you? Did she beat you? Did she torture you?”

“No, I’m fine. You’re the target, not me. Where is she? She is a hitman. Top five in the southwest region, she said… She’s dangerous! Even marshals are no match for her,” Selena explained hurriedly.

Before she could finish speaking, Jack looked at her, cupped her cheeks in his hands, and pecked hard on her lips. Selena, who was still tied to the pillar, did not see that coming. Embarrassed, she found herself palpitating with her pupils widely dilated.

After that peck, Jack continued, “I was worried for you when I found out that she was a hitman! I didn’t want anything to happen to you!”

Only after this, he started to untie Selena.

“You… Cheeky! How dare you kiss me?” Selena blushed as she rolled her eyes at Jack. “Pervert! You kissed me before you even untie me!”

“Can’t help it, I was too indulged in the mood! I was worried for you, okay? So, honey. I got the sequence wrong… Does that mean that I should kiss you after I untie you?” Jack awkwardly smiled.

“You… Don’t kiss me without my permission next time!” Selena stuttered.

She left her words at that and ran out to find the hitman lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Seeing how the hitman was as dead as a doornail, she finally sighed with relief, “She’s a skilled hitman, not even a marshal is a match for her! How did you kill her…without defense?”

Jack snickered and explained, “I’ve had my suspicions. First of all, it was your office hour. Before you left for work you told me you’ll be going on field to sign a contract. Why would you ask me to hang out here? Second of all, I noticed the tire trails on this hill road. This is a road less traveled and there is little traffic around. So the tire trails meant that someone had driven up before me.”

Jack paused for a while before he continued, “Well, third of all… That woman had slutty eyes. My wife won’t ask me out. She doesn’t have slutty eyes, and most of all she won’t seduce me!”

“I was worried sick in there, worried that you’ll fall into her trap and get killed. Who knew you were observant enough to see that through, you should go and be a detective!” Selena was dumbfounded. It seemed she was worried for nothing. Jack had caught on to the suspicious clues.

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