No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0385

Only then Jack confessed, “Even with those considered, I was hesitant to make the move to kill. What if I was wrong? I could only make the move when she was exposed.”

“What exposed her?” Selena frowned and doubted as she thought the hitman’s disguise was perfect.

“And that is, the fact that my wife won’t take the lead to kiss me. More importantly, I smelled cigarettes. That meant she smokes. My wife never smokes! That was when I confirmed my judgment, that the woman was a hitman and not you.”

“Pretty smart, aren’t you?” Then she thought about how that woman had kissed Jack. Irritated, she mocked, “So, what now? Were you excited that she made the move to kiss you? She has a nice body, I must say. Happy now?”

Jack was ashamed. So, Selena was jealous after all.

Bitterly, he smiled. “Honey, that was a hitman I was dealing with. Do you think I had the time to even think of those? It was dragged out a little because I was worried that I misjudged her. So I delayed my move to kill her and only did so after I’m certain of it.”

“Wait a second, she was a skilled hitman! How did you settle her so fast? I saw that she had a dagger!” Selena found herself confused. If Jack was a lot more skilled than that woman, that would mean that he was a king of war!

Jack awkwardly smiled and replied, “Maybe because her guard wasn’t up. She wouldn’t have thought that I’d see through her deception so she was more lax. With that, it was easy to kill her.”

“Right, right! That’s what she said. It’s a piece of cake to kill someone with no guard up. Bet she didn’t think you outsmarted her!”

“Selena, did you tear when you see me just now? You were worried about me?” Jack finally laughed.

Selena’s face reddened again after trying so hard to recollect herself. She rolled her eyes and said, “In your dreams! I wasn’t worried about you. I was worried about myself. What if she kills me? I was worried about Kylie and I teared because of Kylie, okay?”

She knew she was lying. Immediately, she shifted the attention to the dead body on the floor and diverted the topic. “So how do we settle this? We can’t just leave her here.”

“Such a run-down house… Let’s burn this whole place!” Jack replied after giving it some thought.

What followed was that they both made a fire outside the house.

Watching as the fire burns, Selena suddenly thought of this. “Sh*t, we would’ve searched her body in case she has a phone. From there we could see her contacts, and find out who was behind this!”

“don’t worry about that. There are more people who want me dead!” He shifted his gaze to Selena and gave her a very serious look. “Looks like I’ll need to get you a bodyguard. I’m not worried about myself. What if they target you to get to me? I can’t watch you all day, I have work at Drake’s.”

“It can’t be Ivan… I’m about to sign a contract with them…” Selena seemed to be still distracted by the fact that she did not retrieve the hitman’s phone. She looked at the time and exclaimed, “Sh*t! It’s past eleven!”


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