No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0386

“it’s fine as there’s no hurry. Let them come over tomorrow!” Jack smiled and looked beside him where Selena was, “Honey, since you’re also here, let’s go to the city and have lunch to steady our nerves. What do you think?”

“Sounds good.” Selena nodded and they soon drove down from the hill.

At this moment, Ivan Taylor and Janet were still waiting inside of Selena’s office.

“What’s going on? This is…” Ivan started to get impatient. He had already made at least ten calls to Selena previously but none of them were picked up by her.

He looked at Janet and said, “Do you think that we’ve been played? This woman must be making fun of us. If that’s the case, she’s too much!”

Janet on the other hand, smiled. “Impossible, I trust Manager Taylor. Since she promised us, she would be here. She must have been delayed by an emergency matter!”

“that’s so funny. What’s more important than signing a contract with us?” Ivan laughed and said out of anger.

After that, he frowned and took in a breath. After all, the assassin told them to settle the issue within five days. Today was considered the second day. Was it possible that they have already made a move? The most important part was, this Shadow had her own special hobby when she carried out her mission. Such as, she not only liked to pretend as the target’s closest person, she also liked to let the closest person look on as she killed that target.

“Was it possible…” Ivan thought about it. It was already so late and Selena had not appeared yet. She might have been kidnapped by the Shadow and he was speechless inwardly.

“I…” He stood up in a sudden and held his hands into fists. He felt angry and regretful inwardly.

He was too careless. He did not care much about Selena’s life and it did not matter if she really died. However, he had not signed the contract yet. After all, this contract could bring around five to six billion for the Taylor family. This was only a conservative estimation, if their operations were better, it would be more than this.

If the Shadow had already taken action and killed Selena, they would have suffered a big loss. If this position was taken over by another person, would the signing of the contract they have not signed continue? That may not be the case. After all, they successfully got this opportunity because of their relationship with Selena.

“What’s going on? Young Master Taylor, why are you startled?” Janet frowned as she looked at Ivan, who stood up.

“It’s nothing. I think that we’re out of hope today as it’s already so late. Let’s go back first and come again tomorrow morning!” Ivan walked out with a darkened face.

“Okay, let’s come and have a look tomorrow morning!” Janet also felt that it was a waste of time. She sighed, took the prepared contract and left.

Ivan walked out the entrance and to his car. He thought about it before calling the Shadow. Unfortunately, none of his two calls could get through.


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