No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0387

”Sh*t, sh*t. There’s a possibility that Selena had been kidnapped. I have no idea if the assassin would kill her!” Ivan was so angry that he held his hands into fists. “I’m really careless. I haven’t signed the contract yet, I should’ve asked her to wait for a few days before doing anything. This…”

Ivan had no idea that asking this person to kill Jack would cause his contract signing matter to fail. As he sat in the car, his mind was filled with thoughts about visiting the place where Selena and the others stayed that night. However, he thought about it and dismissed this thinking. If Jack and Selena were fine and the assassin had not started her action, his proactive action of visiting them cannot be justified. After all, he had shown his disgust previously and had never visited them. If the assassin failed, Jack might be doubtful that he was the one who employed the assassin? Although, the possibility of the assassin failing was very small.

He thought about it, looked at the time and was prepared to drive back. Coincidentally, when he passed by a cafe, he looked inside and actually saw Xena Jackson.

“Isn’t that Ben Taylor’s girlfriend?” Ivan was slightly stunned. He parked the car by the road, got down and entered the cafe.

At this moment, Xena was having a chat with two of her best friends and seemed to be in a very good mood.

“Miss Jackson, I had no idea that I would run into you here!” Ivan said with a smile and walked over.

“Young Master Taylor!” Xena was stunned and said with a smile, “That’s a real coincidence. These are my best friends, we are having a cup of coffee because we’re tired from shopping!”

“Really?” Ivan purposely took a look at the time before sitting down by the side and said with a smile, “It just so happens that I have something to speak with Miss Jackson. Do I have the opportunity to invite you to lunch?! If your best friends are in the mood, they can join us too!”

Those girls glanced at each other with a mutual understanding and stood up, “Young Master Taylor, we’ll get out of your hair. Enjoy your talk and allow us to make a move first!”

“Okay, let me treat you guys in the future when there’s an opportunity!” Ivan stood up and spoke politely, like a gentleman.

“Does Young Master Taylor want a cup of coffee? Let me pay for that. Since you treat me to lunch, I’ll treat you to coffee!” Xena smiled indifferently and said.

“There’s no need for that. Let’s sit here while you finish your cup of coffee. Later, let’s find a hotel, get a private room and I’ll treat you to dinner!” Ivan replied with an indifferent smile. According to his experience with many girls, Xena was definitely a gold digger.

Apart from that, he previously saw Xena hug a young guy who looked like a second generation of a rich family by accident. He was just too lazy to tell Ben about this. However, when he passed by from outside, he suddenly had an idea.

“Really? Just the two of us? We’ll go to a hotel and get a private room for food? Wouldn’t that be a waste? Let’s just eat some simple food!” Xena was surprised. Seating in front of her was the young master of the Taylor family, Ivan Taylor. This man had the highest possibility of inheriting the Taylor family in the future so he could be considered as a real rich family’s next generation. At least, when compared to Ben, Ivan was at least 100 times better than him.

During the previous hotel gathering, Ben took her with him. In the midst of it, she really wanted to have a drink with Ivan and get a name card after that. It was a pity when he ignored her and left her in an embarrassing situation. She had no idea that Ivan would proactively ask her out for a meal and she wondered what was his hidden agenda.

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