No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 0391

The corners of Ivan’s mouth twitched when he heard this. If Jack really had money, it would be difficult for him to make a joke out of Jack on the old man’s birthday and throw him out of the house.

“However, he gave the twenty million to Fiona as the betrothal gift for Selena, fulfilling his previous promise to Fiona!” Xena continued.

“Alright. If Jack manages to get any money in the future, even if it’s something normal like the Drake family paid his wages earlier than scheduled, you have to immediately inform me about it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything, but if you do, you must inform me!” Ivan thought about it and reminded Xena.

“Alright. Young Master Taylor, I get it!” Xena rolled her eyes at him impatiently. She was slightly unhappy as after their entire encounter, she had become a spy and was in charge of uncovering information?

“I have already told you to not address me as Young Master Taylor, call me Ivan!” Ivan smiled and wrapped his hand around her shoulder, “Let’s go shopping, I’ll buy you expensive bags and watches. How about that?”

“Okay, but we have to go to the north side of the city. If we stay here, we might bump into Ben and won’t we be discovered?” Xena thought about it and said.

“Yes, darling. You’re the smart one! It seems that I cannot hug you in public too!” Ivan smiled. He believed that with the help of Xena, who was by Jack and the others’ sides, he would get information about everything in their lives from that day onwards.

After shopping for two to three hours, Ivan drove back to the Taylor Mansion alone. He was stunned when he entered the living hall because the old master and some of the Taylor family’s members were waiting for him here.

“How was it? Ivan, did you sign the contract?” Theodore Taylor immediately asked.

Obviously, everybody was waiting for him here with this thought in their mind. They were waiting for him to come back and give him some good news, but he only returned at this moment.

Only now did Ivan remember the matter that made him angry that morning. He could only smile embarrassingly, “Sigh, don’t mention it! We didn’t manage to sign the contract. I had no idea what happened but Selena didn’t come to work this morning so I left. She didn’t pick up my calls and I plan to go over again tomorrow!”

“who was the one that promised us he would definitely get the contract signed today? If not, didn’t he say that he’ll go live on social media to show himself eating shit?” A forty-year-old man couldn’t help but laugh with a taunt on his face.

The corners of Ivan’s mouth immediately twitched. This was his elder and used to work hard under Selena’s management. He was very hard working and was very supportive of Selena. However, after he became the general manager, these people were disobedient towards him. If they weren’t his elders, he would have found a reason to fire them.

“How’s that possible? Young Master Ivan actually said that he’ll go live and show himself eating shit?”

“Do you want to try it? You might be able to go viral!” Cecilia Taylor stood beside them and was laughing. She was not here yesterday and only knew about Ivan’s promise at that moment.


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